Actor Taye Diggs Releases New Children’s Book “Mixed Me!”

Last week I had the opportunity to take the kids to a private reading of actor/author Taye Diggs’ new children’s book, “Mixed Me!”

Hosted by The Moms Network, the event was held at Aeropostale, a popular clothing store in the heart of Times Square. Prior to the reading and meet-and-greet, attendees were encouraged to donate gently used plastic toys to Second Chance Toys for the holidays. We were also treated to cupcakes and light refreshments.

Once the moms and kids were settled in, Taye Diggs and the book’s illustrator Shane W. Evans (also one of Taye’s closest friends) began to read the well-written tale. Inspired by Taye’s son, the book is about a little boy named Mike whose mom is described as being “rich cream and honey” and his dad as “deep brown.” His hue falls somewhere in between, which his parents explains to him as being “mixed just right!” 

The story encourages children to be confident and celebrate their physical differences. While the title suggests the story’s about being bi-racial, it’s truly a universal story about embracing and accepting individuality. 


Ava and MJ look on as actor/author Taye Diggs and illustrator Shane W. Evans sign copies of their new book, “Mixed Me!”

Shane, the illustrator spoke eloquently about how important it was for him to get the pictures just right. He told the audience that he specifically chose each complexion and every curl meticulously to give credence to children whose hair and skin tone might stand out from the crowd.

Surprisingly, both Ava and MJ sat attentively while the story was being read and seemed to be quite entertained.

Overall, it was a fun afternoon for the kids and me. I plan on reading the book at Ava’s school next month.


“Mixed Me!” by Taye Diggs and illustrated by Shane W. Evans is available here, $13

If you’re a parent to a young child, how do you encourage them to be confident? Please share your thoughts!

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