Beach Buddy

Even though I just returned from a fun Miami getaway with my girls, the real BFF on vacation was my Co-Lab Christopher Kon tote. The large canvas bag allowed me to cram all of my beach essentials from flip flops to sunblock to my iPad. I literally couldn’t leave my hotel room without grabbing the comfortable and practical all-purpose bag. Plus, it helped served as my carryon at the airport too.

Before you book your summer vacay be sure to pack a great beach bag.

Check out some of these totally cool totes:

Lesportsac Beach Tote available at for $88

Kate Spade Cabana Stripe Raelin Tote available at for $147

Lanvin Flower Denim Tote available at for $663

Juicy Couture Gen Y Je T’aime Tote available at for $88

See by Chloe Tote available at for $65

Volcom Keep It Up Beach Tote available at for $29

Do you own a beach bag?


  1. Anonymous says:

    yes, i do. they are a must

  2. i don’t, but now i want one. i <3 that je t'aime!

  3. I heart the lanvin one 😉

  4. Quite useful material, thanks so much for the post.

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