Beauty News: Lupita Nyong’o Is the New Face of Lancôme

Brown girl beauty buffs rejoice, Lupita Nyong’o is the new face of Lancôme!

It comes as no surprise that the gorgeous Academy Award winner, 31, has partnered with a huge beauty brand. It was simply a question of which cosmetics company would be lucky to team up with the lovely Lupita first. Looks like Lancôme scored.

Lupita-lancomePhoto Credit: Lancôme

“I am truly honored to join the Maison Lancôme, a brand with such a prestigious history that I have always loved. I am particularly proud to represent its unique vision for women and the idea that beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman’s freedom to be herself,” the actress said in a release.

Lupita joins fellow Hollywood heavy-hitters, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz, as ambassadors for the French-based luxury beauty retailer.

“Both talented and committed, true to her African beauty, and showing a great curiosity and open-mindedness in her career choices, Lupita is by essence the Lancôme woman,” stated Françoise Lehmann, General Manager of Lancôme International. “A strikingly beautiful and intelligent woman, serenely but strongly living her life her own way, Lupita has this special kind of aura both enlightening and deep.”

Hopefully, Lancôme will continue to celebrate beauty of all shades by expanding their products to include more options that complement women with darker skin tones.

Congratulations to Lupita and kudos to Lancôme!

Does this partnership make you more inclined to use Lancôme products?


  1. emmjaepenniman says:

    AWESOME! I’m so happy for Lupita, and have a newfound respect for Lancome…. I’ve always been a fan of Lancome, but yes, now that Lupita will be their spokesperson, I will definitely invest more in their products.

    • Brown Girl Gumbo says:

      I commend Lancome too for stepping forward and celebrating Lupita’s regal beauty! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled to see if they add any new products that would suit us BGs.

  2. I’m happy for her too. She is very beautiful and Lancôme has nice products.

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