Beyonce Welcomes Baby Girl Blue Ivy

The princess of hip-hop and R&B royalty has arrived. Beyonce gave birth to baby girl Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday. It is the first child for the superstar singer and her hip-hop mogul husband, Jay-Z who have been married since 2008. Hopefully, the birth their daughter will finally silence the ever-present conspiracy theory chatter about her pregnancy on the blogosphere.

Congratulations to the power couple!

Do you like the name Blue Ivy? Do you think “Ivy” comes from their fascination with the number “IV” or “4” as some blog readers have speculated?

Check out the super cute song proud papa Jay-Z recorded for his glorious bundle of joy here


  1. i keep reading online that blue is Jays fav color.. and ivy Is IV which is 4 and that’s bey’s mom’s birthdate,hers & jays and the date they got married! :}
    congrats to them whether she used a surrogate or not! Babies are wonderful!

  2. Interesting name. I’m not a fan of blue, but I like IVY. What a beautiful feeling to be blessed with a new bundle. I hope to have that feeling one day!

  3. Funnily, I actually like the name Blue Ivy. It’s not as bizarre as some other celebrity baby names I’ve heard. I do believe they chose IV to represent their love of the number 4. I just wonder why the C-Section wasn’t scheduled on the 4th! ahaha

  4. The name is growing on me. It probably has meaning to the parents that we won’t understand and that they may never reveal……..Jay-Z made a song about her and it features her crying at the end….how silly of people to question her pregnancy, when Jay mentions that Bey suffered a miscarriage in the song…..maybe sometimes we shouldn’t get so involved in our celebs personal lives…..Anyway, check out the song and all the love embedded in it!

  5. @Erykah – Oh wow, I didn’t know the 4th was Mama Knowles birthdate too! I remember seeing Beyonce in an interview describing just how much significance the number “4” plays in her life. She didn’t go into too much detail out of fear of “freaking everybody out.”

    @B-More BAP – Having a child really is the best feeling on earth – at least in my experience!

    @MochaBelle – I agree with you too! The song is so heartfelt.

  6. I can’t even listen to that whole song right now. I’m going to light a candle on the weekend and cry over it later. I’m so happy for the couple. You know I love baby news in general.

    I like the name Blue Ivy. Her name is Beyonce and her sister’s is Solange. I hope folks didn’t think think they were going to name her Amy…

  7. @T – I didn’t even think about that!! Good point!!!

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