BGG Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary!

Five years ago, the White House had yet to be historically revolutionized, I was 3 years shy of motherhood, and Twitter was still in its early stages of taking over the way in which we communicate. Yep, a lot has changed since 2007!

That’s why for my 5-year blogoversary, I thought that I should follow suit and celebrate this milestone with a much-needed BGG facelift.

I can’t believe it’s been half a decade since my husband convinced me to create my own editorial outlet. Prior to starting BGG, I wasn’t aware of many blogs that catered to everything that I loved: beauty, style, hair, celebrity photos, interviews, health/fitness, and entertainment. At the time, most of them focused strictly on either beauty, hair, fashion or celebrity. Hence, BGG was launched!

Since then, you guys (special shout-out to T, Sherita, Miss Mika, Shawnta, AntithesisKittyvodka and Kwana, a few of my BGG VIPs) have been with me through my pregnancy, bronzer obsession, and more!

I hope that you’ll join me as I embark upon this new chapter for BGG!

P.S I’m still working out the site kinks so please bear with me. 🙂

Thanks so much for reading,

Karla aka BGG


  1. Congratulations on FIVE YEARS! That’s awesome. I enjoy checking out BGG daily. Keep up the good work. I really like your new blog look/layout. Very nice.

    • Thanks so much, Shawnta!!! I swear when I woke up this morning, I said, “omg,I didn’t include Shawnta!!!!” Then I saw your comment!!! Thanks again, I truly appreciate your support!!!!

  2. love the new look.! congratulations on 5 years. i hope to see 5 more!!

  3. Sp pretty, love it!

  4. WOW!! I LOVE the new look. It is very fresh and professional. Well done!

  5. Brown Girl Gumbo says:

    Thanks so much everybody!! I’m so happy that you like the new look! I knew it was well overdue!

  6. Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary. That’s definitely a great milestone and a lot of hard work.

  7. Look at me way late with the anniversary shout out (I’m sorry). Happy anniversary Ms Fab!! Wishing you all the best and here is to many and so much more ahead.

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