BGG Reviews “Precious”

In theaters nationwide today.

After a failed attempt to see the much-hyped and buzzed-about movie, Precious: Based on the Novel ‘PUSH’ by Sapphire, last week, I was finally able to get my hands on tickets for the film on Wednesday. Not often do you see a movie that lives up to all of its critical acclaim, but thankfully Precious does. Based on the 1996 Sapphire novel entitled, “PUSH,” Precious is a tale of a physically and sexually abused, illiterate overweight teenage mother named Precious, played by the charismatic Gabourey Sidibe who is subjected to more torture and condemnation than one could ever imagine.

Mo’Nique steps outside of her usual comedic character to bring to life Precious’s monster of a mother who spews so much hate and wickedness that she is often hard to watch. Supporting cast members include Paula Patton who shows Precious hope and the importance of education. While songbird Mariah Carey leaves behind her powerful voice to portray a surprisingly believable dowdy social worker. The story of Precious is an intense, gritty, no-holds barred tale of a strong young girl who manages to survive despite unfathomable hardships.

If you haven’t seen it already, I highly recommend it! For those of you who have seen and/or read the book, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from people who have read the book and watched the movie to see how the feature film stacks up to the written word. Please share!


  1. Here in Texas the movie was released today the 13th, instead of the 6th like everywhere else. I’m mad about that, but I have plans to see it tonight. I trust you BGG, so now I’m excited to see it.

  2. Thanks for the review.

    I don’t think it’s here (Columbus, Ohio) until next Friday, November 20th. I CANNOT wait. I want to see it. My friend that have seen it already all have given really good reviews of it. I’ve read both good and bad reviews from critics but the good ones outnumber the bad ones. Can’t wait!

  3. I read the book a while ago and I remember it being quite disturbing. I’m anxious to see how they brought this tough subject to life on the big screen.

  4. I read the book and I agree with K-Bear. It was VERY disturbing! I hope to see the movie this weekend.

  5. @K-Bear & Rebee – I didn’t read the book, but I can only imagine how much more intense the book must be. The movie’s content was incredibly disturbing, but still a must-see.

  6. Thanks for the review. I have heard great things about the film.

  7. I read the book a couple years ago and man it had me being thankful about my circumstances at the time. We saw it at a showing this past Sunday and it had me tearing up! Its a powereful movie! And kudos to Mariah C bcuz she did a wholeeeeeeeee lot better in this than in Glitter 🙂

  8. i really want to see this and maybe i can get my sister to see it with me this weekend. they are only showing it in like 3 theaters in the area. i read the book a few years ago and i loved it. i’ll let you know how i think the movie stacks up. sounds like they did well which is nice to hear since im usually disappointed. i liked the film version of secret life of bees but i enjoyed the novel much better.

  9. I haven’t seen it but I can’t wait to! I have heard so much about it, I know I will be a blubbering mess, but I still want to see it.

  10. “Precious” is a great movie!

  11. Straight GARBAGE!!!!! Masturbating scene at the beginning of the MOVIE. GARBAGE. This is what people are calling entertainment???? No thanks!

  12. I haven’t seen this movie. It looks depressing as hell. I have a problem with Lee Daniels and how he always portrays an over sexualized/abusive/deeply troubled version of Black women. There is an interesting article by Juan Williams regarding this genre of entertainment.

  13. I was one of the lucky individuals that was able to see this movie on the 6th and it completely surpassed my expectations. Everyone did fantastic jobs in the movie and I loved how the movie staid true to the book.

    People that might be “offended” by this movie fail to realize that these things are happening to our children RIGHT NOW and its movies like this that bring attention to that fact. Being a product of molestation for 6 years, I founds this movie to be just the conversation starter in that awkward silence that has gone on about it for far too long.

  14. I loved the movie and I’m getting the book this week! It’ll be interesting to see how the two compare!

    Nice blog!

  15. PS. I’m also a Chicago native but residing in DC for school 🙂

  16. I saw the movie last night…It was great! It lived up to the hype. Everyone did a wonderful of aacting…including Monique who I love to hate. Two thumbs up

  17. I went and loved it. I had read the book years ago. The girl who played precious was amazing. Apparently her friend was the one who was auditioning, and she ended up getting picked. Monique should get an oscar.

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  21. the movie was EXCELLENT. very well acted by everyone, but it was hard to watch, just as the book was hard to read at times.

  22. A friend who watched told me that it is a must see play, the thing is I dont know where to find it.

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