BGG’s Christmas Wish List

If you celebrate the holidays, now’s the time to catch those last-minute deals and stock up on cool gifts and stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.

Here is a round-up of what I’d love to see under my Christmas tree:

Chloe ‘Ethel’ Leather Tote available at for $1,350

O’s Best Advice Ever! available at for $19.95

Forzieri Hot Pink Leather Gloves available at for $87

Papyrus Bird & Butterfly Gift Box available at for $17.95

Christopher Kon Credit Card Wallet available at for $35

Lord & Taylor 14K Gold Initial Pendant Necklace available at for $162.50

Victoria’s Secret Thermal Sleep Shirt available at for $39.50

Have you started your holiday shopping?

Btw, the winner of the Aveeno prize pack is Becky! Please send me your mailing address. Congrats!


  1. The winner of the Aveeno prize pack is Becky! Congrats and please send me your mailing address.

  2. I love that tote!!!

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BGG’s Christmas Wish List!

This holiday season has been the first year when there is absolutely nothing that I really want for Christmas. My family has asked me countless times what it is that I’d like to have for Christmas, but I can’t come up with a thing! I guess if I had to choose something, although I don’t REALLY need or desperately want anything, it would be from the following list. On second thought, maybe there are a few things I’d like! LOL

What’s on your wish list this year? What is your all-time favorite Christmas present – ever?

Satin Pajama Set available at for $59.50

Zadro Double-Sided Illuminated Makeup Mirror available at for $79.95

Tarte The Vanity Limited Edition Set available at for $52

Diamond Fascination 14K Gold Diamond Accent Hoops available at for $300 (orig. $750!)

Pink & Gold Journal available at for $24.95

Gold Crystal Pen available at for $8.95

Marc by Marc Jacobs Lock it Up Camille bag available at for $249

Diamond Squares & Circles picture frame available at for $68

Homedics Pedicure Spa Salon Footbath available at for $49.88


  1. It’s been years since I’ve celebrated Christmas through gift exchanges. In fact, I don’t even remember the last time I had a Christmas Wish List! I do, however, try to take advantage of all the holiday sales and buy myself things that I need (or really want)while they are discounted!

    Btw, LOVE the gold diamond hoop earrings!

  2. Fab christmas list… let us know what the hubby has for you under the tree after

  3. Very nice list. My wishes are either simple are too huge for words. I’d love a new charm for m bracelet this year. I hope to get that.

  4. BGG, finding a gift for you would be easy….lipgloss, facial products, hair products, underwear, outerwear, footwear, make-up, jewelry, purse or candy!

  5. a Macbook Pro with final cut.

  6. @K-Bear – You’re HILARIOUS, but so right!! I think I might be easy to please!! 🙂

    The thing is that I have an abundance of all of that stuff. I guess the best part of this year will be that I’ll be giving a lot to others!! That’s what it’s all about anyway!

  7. i can definitely see your sense of luxury in these gifts, lovely!

  8. kitty vodka says:

    i feel the same…theres nothing i really ‘want’ or ‘need’
    maybe some cozy socks 🙂

  9. I am really loving your Christmas Wish List…lots of relaxing items. I really wanted a new digital camera this Christmas, and I caught a great deal on Black Friday so I bought it for myself. I usually don’t ask for much for myself, I make sure my sons have what they want before I ask for anything, plus there are better sales after Christmas….

  10. BGG! in the mail!
    Great choices!

  11. I heart journals!!! The pink and gold one is oh so fab. I told my parents I’d be sending them a Christmas list until I get married (a long time from now). LOL! When we were pre-teens and teenagers we’d get a list of our top 5 things and they’d definitely get us something off that list. This year I included practical stuff that’s $40 or less that I just haven’t gotten around to picking up myself. Christmas is when I rack up on products, especially given that Miss Jessie’s sale. 🙂

    Fab post and we miss you at Tea & Such. Hope the day job isn’t working you TOO hard. No worries, all the fab posts will still be there when you wind down.

  12. @kitty vodka – I know you were looking for an in-store nine west coupon. has one that does not expire until Feb ’09 and other coupons that may be useful.

  13. My want this year is kind of corny but I can’t help it- I want a Blackberry Bold **sigh**

  14. That Marc bag is adorable. My friend just got it and I tried walking away with it. She caught me, LOL.

  15. Those satin pajamas are on sale for $39.95! I too have nothing on my list. As long as my son is happy, I’m happy.

  16. Great list! The dh and I don’t exchange Xmas gifts. But I was dying for an Amazon Kindle reader, which he got me for my b-day. So I’m happy.

  17. maybe you’ll get one of those gifts….

  18. Best gift ever???

    Atari 2600

    What do I want for Christmas???

    A new job that will pay me more money with less stress!

  19. Btw, my favorite Christmas present was a pair of Pink Panther slippers when I was 6 years-old. Oh and also a doll set given to me by my big sister Karen! It was red and came with a bed, high chair and a few other things. Oh and one more thing was my Barbie Ice Cream Shoppe!!! Those were the good ole’ days! 🙂

  20. Great list BGG… I got that foot spa last year from boyfriend and I love it sincerly! The little tool vibrates to help soften the skin on the heels of your feet… totally worth the price! Oh and if someone gets it for you, make sure they get it from Bed, bath, and beyond and that they use one of those 20% off coupons they send in the mail.

  21. @Glo – Thanks for the tip!! I’ll let my hubby know. 🙂

  22. I just moved so I’ve asked for a bunch of housewares mostly. Every year I ask for new socks because I’m always in need of socks. But I’m like you this year, there’s nothing that I really really want. I know i’ll think of a million things I need and want right after Christmas though, isn’t that always the way.

  23. Marshall’s has some of the best deals on the prettiest picture frames in there is one in your areas. They’re priced from $3.50 to $10.00 in silver tone, pearl enameled, inlaid, crystals, and gold tone if anyone is looking for a special gift.

  24. Btw, I got my satin and some silk PJs!! I also received a makeup mirror. So I was definitely a happy camper on Christmas!

  25. Wow!! these are the wonderful gift. I would like to buy all these gift.

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