Blazing Blazers for Spring!

Nothing instantly adds polish to jeans and a simple tank like a blazer. Whether worn fitted or loose, blazers give a touch of sophistication to casual outfits and an extra dose of fabulousness to dressy ensembles. This spring, be playful with bright hues, but if you desire a more conservative laid-back look, stick to neutral tones. Remember a quality, well-tailored blazer is a classic piece that every BG should own because it will stand the test of time!

Do you own a blazer? Will you wear one this spring?

Priorities Sarah Preppy Blazer available at for $148

Ruched Front Shirt Jacket available at for $69.50

Boyfriend Blazer available at for $49.50

Diane Von Furstenberg Sammy Crochet Blazer available at for $395

Alice & Olivia Billy Boy Blazer available at for $396

Sporty Chic Blazer available at for $17.99

Lauren Jeans Blazer with Piping available in petite & plus sizes at for $89.40

Pins & Needles Patchwork Blazer available at for $108

Tommy Hilfiger Pickstitched Denim Blazer available at for $73.87

Suit Jacket available at for $99

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  1. i do own blazers but think it’s time to get some new ones….can’t wait to do some spring shopping now!

    you’re right, over a tank with a pair of jeans and heels…they just add a bit of casual polish to an outfit. love ’em!

  2. Blazers are totally my style. Thanks for the suggestions. I need a new one!

  3. I haven’t worn blazers in a while but I may go back to this look.PJD

  4. I love this polished look. I have to pull some out!

  5. @Everyone – I just wanted to say thank you for all of the heartfelt comments you guys left last week. I really appreciate all of you for your concern. I’m back and things are back to normal for me now and I’m so grateful!! 🙂

  6. YAY, you’re back!!! Blazers? I don’t know. I haven’t worn them regularly since the granny knit blazers and broches were in style. I think that was that like 4 or 5 years ago?

    I might need to step it up though. It’s such a classic look, I may be able to pull it off again.

  7. @T – Yeah, they were really big back in 2003/2004, but they seem to be making a comeback again! LOL

    Plus, I guess some things really never go out of style. 🙂

  8. kitty vodka says:

    that lace one is cra cra crazy

  9. I don’t own a blazer because I don’t think I could pull it off right; however, the blazer from Forever 21 makes me think that it may be worth me trying to.

  10. I’m not that fond of blazers. Not sure if I would wear them. Thanks though.

  11. nice post. i might have to pick one up for my wife.

  12. I live in blazers. They make my life so much easier b/c I don’t need to wear a suit everyday, but I’m still maintaining a professional appearance.

  13. I always wore these oversized sweaters and zip up’s in the event that I got cold somewhere, and never realized how crazy it looked. Blazers have really grown on me. They can easily dress up a casual look in notime!


  14. I like the yellow one for spring.

  15. I really want a pink long blazer

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