Brandy & Monica’s New Video To Premiere Tonight

Brandy and Monica fans will be in for a treat today as the video for the reunited R&B duo’s single, “It All Belongs To Me,”  premieres on Vh1 and  Directed by Chris Robinson, the video will surely showcase the former teen stars in all their gorgeous grown-up glamour.

The video will air 11pm/EST.
Check out a few shots from the video set: 

All photos by: Adrian Sidney
Will you be tuning in? Also, is it me or does Monica look a little like La La Anthony in these stills? 


  1. Monica looks just like LaLa to me in these shots. You hit the nail on the head. At first I was thinking “LaLa’s singing now?” LOL!

  2. I was JUST about to say that Monica resembles LaLa in these photographs. Good to see these two singers making music, together, once again.

  3. Ok good, I thought it was just me! I wonder what’s making her look so much like La La? Maybe it’s the makeup and angles.

  4. I don’t know who La La is but I know they both look really beautiful. I’m so proud of them. I sure this song goes to the top!

  5. ill check it out.

  6. So good to thse these two working together again!

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