Wow Brow!

Whether you have your brows plucked, tweezed or threaded, many women like to fill in their brows with a powder or pencil to create a polished look. We all know that brows help frame the face so having them well-groomed and shaped should be a part of every BG’s beauty regime. I like using Vanitymark’s brow powder in Choco Noir to add that extra “wow” to my brows.

Ideal for dark-haired beauties, this deep-brown shade provides a natural look that doesn’t look too harsh and blends in well with my brow hairs. Remember when choosing a powder, it’s best to get a shade a wee bit lighter than your hair color for the most natural look.

Available at for $16

Do you use brow powders? One lucky reader will win a VanityMark brow powder ($16 value) in a shade of her choice. Simply leave a comment and a winner will be chosen randomly and announced tomorrow.

**UPDATE – The winner is Shawnta, congratulations!


  1. i just use a mac eyeshadow, “smut”. the MUA in the store recommended it and at first i was like “no way” b/c the product description included red in it. something “a red brown”. but surprisingly, it looks very nice. sometimes i use it with a wet brush for a more defined, intense look.

  2. BGG I have been wondering how women get their brows so perfectly wonderful and I could tell it wasn’t a pencil. Who knew! Thank you for the info. I have to give this a try pronto!!

  3. Very cool tip. I’ve been afraid to use powder for the eyebrows b/c I thought it would look too heavy. I’ll try this out. Thank you!!

  4. I don’t use it or any. My brows are n serious need of a trip to the groomer right about now too.

  5. I discovered brow powder about a year ago. I had no clue how to get that smooth brow look!

  6. I’m with @K-Bear…I never knew how to achieve this look but now I do! Thanks for the info.

  7. Love this item. The pencil doesn’t for me.

  8. I use the smashbox brow duo in brunette. For some reason it doesn’t fit my face anymore. I’ve been using the same one for about 3yrs… Do they expire?

  9. I’ve considered powder but I usually just leave my brows naked after they’re waxed and just add brow gel, but I would like to give powder a try

  10. I use Brow Zing from I think it’s Benefit. It comes with the powder and wax and 2 brushes in the mirrored compact

  11. I’ve never used a brow powder.

  12. I would love to try this. My brows are tired!! They need some help.

  13. I saw the ladies that were threading in the mall using something like this.

  14. I don’t use a brow powder, but have been wanting to try.

  15. My brows are a gatrilllion times lighter than the hair on my head and I HATE it. I currently use some creamy brow stuff I stole from my mom. I’ll use a powder next. I’ve tried the MAC pencial as well.

  16. Sound interesting. I’m in dire need of eyebrow help.

  17. I’m just learning how to properly shape and define my brows so this would be sweet to win.

  18. Shawnta is the winner!! Congratulations and please email me your mailing address! :-0

  19. Yay! Thanks!

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