Caress Whips Up Something Sweet!

Just when I thought Caress couldn’t get any better than their Brown Sugar & Karite Butter beauty bar and shower gel, they prove me wrong. Their newest body wash, ‘Whipped Souffle‘ makes me want to take never-ending showers.

Their tantalizing Blackberry Cream shower gel smells as sweet as it sounds and literally caresses skin leaving it silky soft and moisturized. When it comes to shower gels and soaps, the options are endless. However, if you enjoy pampering your skin with a quality cleanser, Caress is the supreme choice.

Have you tried any of the products from the new Caress collection? Do you prefer soaps or shower gels?


  1. i dont have a preference really. i like to switch it up between soap and shower gel. havent tried the new caress.

  2. I use both soap & body wash/gel. I haven’t tried the Caress souffle line yet but plan to.

  3. I prefer soap, but will use a body wash from time to time

  4. Anonymous says:

    i haven’t tried it yet. im more of a soap person

  5. i can’t get enough of the Brown Sugar. I use it every day. It smells amazing.

  6. Soap all the way! I’m a little biased being that I am a soap maker, but there truly is no comparison. Handmade soap is the best because it’s real soap. Caress cannot even call their “soap” soap because it isn’t-hence the name “beauty bars”.

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