Carol’s Daughter Site Caters to Naturalistas

In case you haven’t already check out Carol’s Daughter relatively new site,, it’s a wonderful online destination for women going through various transitions in their lives.

While the site’s focus is mainly on transitioning from chemically-treated to natural hair (tips, products, etc.), it also features beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and mind & body write-ups. The site’s aim is to be the resource for your journey.

Yours truly penned a piece about combatting those bad-hairs. Check it out here!

Are you currently in the midst of a transition? Hair? Relationship? Weight? Job? 


  1. I transitioned my hair for a year & a half and just did my ‘big chop’ three weeks ago. Also, I’m in the process of transitioning my weight. Just joined Weight Watchers at work. This is my first time ever doing WW but so far I’ve seen good progress & I really like it.

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