Probiotics Keep Kids’ Tummies Happy

Now that school’s back in session, unfortunately those pesky germs that cling to kids are also making a comeback.

With classrooms being a cesspool for germs and viruses, it’s imperative that we moms protect our children as much as possible. The germ-ridden surfaces they encounter on a daily basis can wreak havoc on their immune systems. And reinforcing proper hand washing isn’t enough. Did you know that most sicknesses start in the gut? Yep, hand washing alone can’t prevent nasty bugs from entering their intestinal tract. That’s why we have to help build their systems from the inside—literally, in their tummies.


Bio-Kidz Probiotic Supplement available here.

One of the best and easiest ways to do this is by introducing probiotics into their diet. Probiotics have many benefits namely, serving as a stomach’s first defense to keep bacteria from finding its way into vulnerable immune systems. They can also help heal the damage that bad bacteria can cause.


And the really good news is that probiotics can be found in Bio-Kidz, a new beverage supplement that tastes good and protects tiny digestive systems. My daughter is a huge fan of the drinks and often asks for two at time. Available in a couple delicious flavors: strawberry and vanilla, the drinks are perfect for school lunch boxes and weekend playdates. Each bottle contains 12.5 billion bacteria – the good kind that will keep your child healthy and well all yearlong.

How do you keep your kids healthy during the school year?

GIVEAWAY: Baby Magic Products to Keep Baby Fresh & Clean

There are scents that just stay with you. New car, fresh baked cookies and newborn babies are the first to come to mind. For many, the latter is a smell that we moms wish could linger forever. Unfortunately, infants grow up and no longer possess that unique scent.

Until then, we can slather them in Baby Magic’s “Original Baby Scent” lotion – my favorite for after bath time. Somehow the legacy brand managed to bottle the elusive smell we moms crave and sold it to the masses. In fact, they’ve been in the business of making babies smell heavenly and clean since 1951! Oh, and course they accomplish this by infusing that fresh scent into many of their products including cleansers, shampoos and moisturizers.

Orgininal LotionBaby Magic Gentle Baby Lotion available here,  

No Rinse Wash

Baby Magic No-Rinse Wash click here for where to buy.

Soft Powder Scent Wash

Baby Magic Hair & Baby Wash click here for where to buy.

The heritage brand has been in homes for generations and has definitely been a part of my son’s life. Not only do the products have an addictive aroma, but they also get the job done—without causing any skin irritations.

There’s a reason why it’s been around so long, quality products and that fresh baby scent keeps families coming back!

In celebration of the brand’s 65th anniversary, I’m partnering with them for a giveaway. I’ll be giving away three of my all-time favorite products to a lucky winner.

Simply leave a comment below or tweet me @BrownGirlGumbo letting me know how you make bath time fun. The contest ends on 9/19/16 at 11:59 EST. The winner will be randomly selected and notified via email by 9/21/16.

How do you make bath time fun?

GIVEAWAY: Celebrate Stonyfield Organic YoBaby Yogurt’s Sweet 16!

With two little finicky eaters in my home, it’s hard to find healthy food and snacks that will satisfy their picky palates. But, when all else fails there’s one thing that’s always a go—yogurt!

My five-year-old daughter has loved Stonyfield Organic YoBaby yogurt since she was two and it’s also my 19-month-old son’s go-to dessert. For years I had been giving the single packets to my daughter straight from the fridge, but just recently discovered that freezing them turns them into a delicious froyo treat.

Packed with  good bacteria aka probiotics to keep digestive systems happy, yogurt is the perfect alternative to sugar-laden ice cream. Unlike other brands, YoBaby is completely organic with whole milk and fruit and isn’t made with any antibiotics, artificial hormones or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).  Plus, they’re super convenient and relatively mess-free.

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 10.56.20 AM

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt is available at grocery stores nationwide. Check them out in the dairy aisle!

So when I was invited to attend YoBaby’s Sweet 16 celebration brunch at the lovely Bouley Botanical event space in Manhattan last month, I was thrilled! It’s always great to gain more insight and information about a brand or company that my family uses and loves.  Not only did my kids enjoy the yummy yogurt on hand at the event, but I learned about the company’s 16-year history and received great tips on how to get them to eat more than just yogurt!  While it’s a nutritious snack option, their diet definitely needs to be well-balanced with more veggies, grains and protein.


Me and my son enjoying some yogurt at the Stonyfield Organic YoBaby Sweet 16 celebration in New York City on April 28, 2015.

YoBaby partnered with dietician and mom blogger, Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD of to give us moms and editors in attendance feeding ideas to encourage successful eating for babies at different stages.

Check out a few of the tips:

6 months—Purees are the standard first foods for babies but if your little one is interested in self-feeding, experiment with soft, long pieces of finger foods he can easily hold in his hand like wedges of ripe avocado or roasted sweet potatoes.

9 months—Give your baby some yogurt or cooked cereal and a spoon, she can try her hand at self-feeding. Also, introducing whole grains and eggs are a great option at this stage.

12 months—Phase out formula and opt for whole milk for your growing tot. Small finger foods like chickpeas and tofu cubes are fun to eat and nutritious!

24 months—Avoid making separate “kid food” and make meals that your whole family will enjoy. Serving your toddler the same meals as the family will encourage them to try more foods like healthy leafy greens.

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Do your babies/tots/kids enjoy yogurt? If so, I’m giving away a prize pack of YoBaby yogurt to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment below or Tweet me (@browngirlgumbo) telling me how you get your child to eat different foods to maintain a healthy diet. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, May 26th. This giveaway is only open to U.S residents. 

Product Review: CurlyKids Hair Care Line

We are witnessing a natural hair revolution.

For the first time in decades, we BGs are embracing and proudly flaunting our natural hair textures in droves. But, the best part of this newfound self-acceptance is that we are teaching our children to love their kinks, coils and curls too!

Thanks to brands like CurlyKids, a hair care line that caters to kids’ curly-haired needs, moms like me can comb and style our little one’s hair with confidence.

For the past six months, I’ve been consistently using CurlyKids products on my daughter’s hair. Created to treat a multitude of curly hair textures, especially those with excessive dryness and breakage, the line includes: shampoo, conditioner, gel, control paste, curl defining lotion and detangling sprays.

Curly-KidsCurlyKids Hair Care available here, $5 each

Usually, I tend to use a variety of product brands to achieve a desired effect or style. But, this time I wanted to see how the entire line worked together. And, I’m glad I did.

ava-hair-washAva getting her hair washed using CurlyKids Shampoo & Conditioner.

From the sulfate-free shampoo to the frizz-taming control paste, I’ve been pleased with how well the products complement each other. Since she has super dry, easy-to-tangle hair, I have to use products that will properly moisturize without leaving behind a greasy or sticky residue. Luckily, CurlyKids gets the job done.

ava-top-knotAva sporting her signature topknot using CurlyKids Curly Gel Moisturizer.

Out of the line, the Curly Gel Moisturizer and the Super Detangling Spray are my two faves. The gel is fragrance free and doesn’t create that unsightly flakey crust that we all dread. Plus, it adds moisture while taming her curly fly-aways. The Super Detangling Spray makes manageability a breeze because it unsnarls her strands effortlessly.

ava-curly-pigtailsI achieved this pigtail look by using CurlyKids Control Paste, Gel Moisturizer and Detangling Spray.

Although the brand’s site says it’s for “mixed hair,” my daughter is 100% African-American so it’s safe to say that it’s suitable for ALL curly hair types. Oh and to top it off, all of their products are only $5!

If your little one is in need of some TLC for her tresses, definitely check out CurlyKids!

What products do you use to keep your kids’ hair looking good?

Review: Evenflo Classic Glass Feeding Bottle Featuring Proflow

I must admit, I hardly use bottles to feed my 6 1/2 month-old-son.

Yep, I’m one of those moms who breastfeeds on demand all day, everyday. It’s easy for me and my son loves the comfort and nourishment that it provides. However, when my outfit or a particular public location or outing isn’t conducive to breastfeeding, Evenflo’s new bottle line with Proflow vented nipples has been my substitute.


Evenflo Classic + Vented Bottles with Proflow Vented Nipples (trio of 8 oz) available exclusively at Babies R Us, $9.99

I prefer the classic glass option because it cuts down on germs and mold that can creep in with plastic ones. Plus, with the Proflow innovation, the vented nipples direct those dreaded air bubbles straight into the bottle instead of my son’s stomach, reducing gassy fussiness.

Being a second-time mom, I’ve never found a bottle and nipple that my children actually like as much as the “real thing.” My firstborn used bottles a lot more frequently than my son, so I’ve tried a wide variety. The classic glass ProFlow doesn’t leak either, which is a true bonus. And, since we moms are always short on time, the one-piece nipple eliminates extra dish duty.

If you’re on the hunt for a good glass bottle, give the new Evenflo ones with Proflow nipples  a go!

Do you prefer glass or plastic bottles?

Cool Spring Styles for Kids at The Children’s Place

When it comes to buying clothes for my kids, The Children’s Place is my go-to store.

Ever since Ava was a newborn, I’ve been shopping at the kid-centric store. They have fashionable clothes that are comfortable and affordable.  Usually when you find kids’ clothing that isn’t overly expensive, the quality is usually compromised. Luckily, that is not the case at The Children’s Place.

Ava-TCPAva visiting The Children’s Place located in Union Square (NYC). 

From seasonal dresses to fun graphic tees to girly accessories, Ava always enjoys a visit to TCP. The fact that there’s one only 3 blocks away from our apartment makes it even easier and convenient to stop by and browse the latest styles. In fact, we’ve been to the store three times in the last two weeks!

Now that I have a 6-month-old son, I’ve been hitting up the boys’ side of the store and have been equally impressed. The items aren’t overrun with licensed characters, which is a nod to its design aesthetic. The clothes are on-trend and practical.

It’s hard to believe that TCP wasn’t established until 1989 (when I was 9-years-old). I don’t remember ever shopping there as a child, but if I had, I probably would’ve been one of the best-dressed kids on the block!

Check out some of my favorite looks for spring:


Watercolor Floral Jacket available here, $27


Icon Sweatshirt available here, $9.50


Floral Jeggings available here, $12


Smile Rainbow Bag available here, $6


Plaid Shirt available here, $12


Full-Zip Hoodie available here, $10


Camo Knit Cargo Pants available here, $6


Boys Camera Graphic Tee available here, $6

*Disclosure: I received compensation in the form of a gift card for this post.


Do you shop at The Children’s Place? If not, where do you like to shop for kids’ clothes?

Product Review: Evenflo’s Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

It’s hard to believe that my little bundle of joy is already over a month old!

While these past few weeks have been nothing short of amazing, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that in the very beginning breastfeeding made them challenging too. Luckily, I had support and a good pump.

EvenFlo’s new Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump was a godsend during those sleepless nights when I contemplated giving up breastfeeding all together. The ease of being able to express milk pain-free allowed me to bottle-feed my son when I couldn’t do it directly. The compact and virtually quiet design made pumping a breeze when it was just too painful (due to improper latches) to nurse him or to simply freeze and stockpile.

Unlike some other brands (I’ve used a couple others with my firstborn), this pump is more affordable and just as effective. With several levels of speed and suction, you can pump effectively depending on the desired setting. And, it’s also one of the few pumps that has closed system, which keeps it sanitary and prevents bacteria from creeping into milk. Plus, it comes with three flange sizes for a more customized and comfortable fit.

Now that I’ve finally mastered nursing my newborn, I don’t use the pump as much as I did during the first days. That said, I do use it occasionally while nursing since it can be used as a single pump. But, I’ll definitely use it a lot more once I go back to work full-time. Again, its compact size makes it easy for toting and traveling.

If you or someone you know is expecting and looking for a quality breast pump that won’t break the bank, this is an excellent choice!

Evenflo-Breast-PumpEvenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump available here, $99

If you’re a mom, did breastfeeding come easily for you or did you have a difficult time?