5 De-Slicking Products to Keep Oily Skin at Bay

They say that oily skin is the secret to the coveted fountain of youth. If that’s the case, call me Mrs. Benjamin Button!

All jokes aside, oily skin can ward off wrinkles by providing a natural layer of moisture resulting in a more youthful appearance. However, being greasy isn’t easy. In fact, those sebaceous glands secreting sebum right below the skin’s surface can wreak some major havoc. If they get clogged in unsuspecting hair follicles, voila you have a perfect recipe for pimples. Recently, my oil-slicked skin has been causing some embarrassing breakouts and blemishes.

Sure, having an ever-present “glow” has its benefits, but keeping my oily skin at bay trumps my desire for an everyday dewy look.

Below, find a few of the products that keep my oily skin in check:


black|Up available here, $44

Black|Up Primer: This mattifying primer is the perfect antidote for combatting overly shiny skin. It goes on easily and provides a smooth surface for applying concealer and foundation. Plus, it’s fragrance-free and doesn’t clog pores.


Honest Beauty Dependably Clear Blotting Sheets available here, $9

Honest Beauty Absorbing Sheets: These are a mainstay in my makeup bag and for good reason. They’re compact, affordable and get the job done. The wood and hemp pulp soaks up oil effortlessly. Gently press one of these thin, super absorbent papers onto your skin and watch the oil disappear without disturbing your makeup—one blot at a time.


Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask available here, $2.59

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Paper Mask: Pampering your skin should always be a priority. Thanks to the acne-preventing properties that help keep greasy skin under control, these masks will have your skin saying “yes to” these at-home treatments again and again.


Skindinavia, The Makeup Finishing Spray available here, $29

Skindinavia, The Makeup Finishing Spray Oil Control: Not just for weddings or special occasions, this oil-fighting mist is a must for us oily girls. It keeps skin hydrated, but without the unwanted shine. The award-winning spray absorbs effortlessly into skin leaving behind a flawless matte finish.


Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer available here, $10.99

Aveeno Daily Oil-free Moisturizer: It might seem counterintuitive to slather on a rich cream when it seems like your skin is its own moisture-producing machine. Yet, this oil-free moisturizer provides adequate hydration without leaving skin feeling greasy. Plus, it’s infused with salicylic acid that prevent pesky pimples.

Do you suffer from oily skin? If so, what are some of the products you swear by?

6 Skincare Essentials for Your Travel Bag

This weekend I’m headed to New Orleans for a girls’ getaway with my cousins and sister.

I’m super stoked about finally visiting the Big Easy, but I’m still not packed. No matter the destination, deciding on what to wear while traveling is always a struggle. But, when it comes to selecting travel beauty essentials, I’m very well prepared.

Compromising my skincare routine is out of the question, so I take my on-the-go regimen seriously. Whether it’s factoring in the climate or choosing items that are spill-proof and effective – I take the time to pack products that will keep my skin glowing all trip-long.

From cleansing wipes to mini moisturizers, check out a few of my tried-and-true travel must-haves:

IT! Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream – Finding a moisturizer that meets the standard TSA size requirements can be challenging, but this tiny jar is the answer to your facial hydration prayers. Available here, $16


Clinique Pep-Start Quick Cleansing Swipes – After a long day, these fragrance-free wipes can refresh skin in a single swipe. Plus, it removes dirt and makeup effortlessly. Available here, $14


Tweezerman Petite Tweeze Set – Since owning this duo kit, I’ve never traveled without it. Perfect for plucking a stray hair or two, the precision of these tweezers is unmatched. Available here, $30


Peter Thomas Roth Acne-Clear Invisible Dots – Nothing’s worse than waking up to a pimple while on a trip. Stick one of these salicylic acid infused adhesive patches and banish that blemish! Available here, $30


Honest Beauty Dependably Clear Blotting Sheets – Oily skin? Fear not. Dab these amazingly absorbent sheets onto skin for a clean  finish that won’t smear or smudge makeup. Your shine-free selfie will thank you. Available here, $9


CVS Beauty 360 Moisturizing Anti-Wrinkle Tissue Eye Masks – Short on shut-eye? These eye masks alleviate puffiness and reduce dark under-eye circles so you can look alive and well.

What are some of your favorite travel essentials?

Banish Oily Skin on the Blot!

We have all heard about having a nice dewy glow, but there’s a big difference between looking like you just returned from the beach with glistening, sun-kissed skin and just being plain and simple – oily!

I don’t know about you, but my skin can become quite “dewy” throughout the day, especially, during the warmer months.

That’s why I NEVER leave home without blotting papers. You can dab these tiny, oil-absorbing tissues on your face for an instant matte-finish while leaving your makeup intact and complexion flawless! Plus, they can easily fit into your purse or desk drawer for easy touch-ups.

There are some things that a girl can’t live without and for me blotting papers are definitely one of them!

Do you use any products to control unwanted shine?

Check out some of these cute oil-blotting packages:

Too Faced Re-Fresh Oil-Blotting Papers available at www.sephora.com for $12

Rose Blotting Papers by Nurturing Force (29 feet) available at www.smallflower.com for $13.99

Boujois Anti-Shine Blotting Sheets available at www.sephora.com for $13.50

MAC Blot Film (30 Sheets) available at www.maccosmetics.com for $12.50

Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues available at www.sallybeauty.com for $3.99

Paul & Joe Blotting Paper available at www.asos.com for $21.63

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (50) available at www.drugstore.com for $5.29

Chidoriya Japanese Oil-Blotting Face Paper (30 sheets) available at www.beautyhabit.com for $7.00

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens (100 sheets) available at www.drugstore.com for $10