Today is Earth Day!

Today is Earth Day and from the looks of things, green is the new chic. From environmentally-friendly beauty products to organic t-shirts, the whole “go green” mantra is being enforced in just about every aspect of our lives. Today I decided to list a few eco-friendly products that I think will help us preserve our precious Earth.

What are you doing to help the Earth?

Check out some these eco-friendly goodies:

Shaklee’s Get Clean Starter Kit, includes home cleansers that are completely green! Available at for $167.15

Victoria’s Secret Organic Totes available at for $19.50

“Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style,” by Christie Matheson is a quick and easy read filled with great green tips. Available at bookstores nationwide.

Origins Organic Smileage Plus Lip Tint available at for $10

Organic Cotton T-Shirt available at for $26.50

Maksha Organic Gold Earrings available at for $55

Lumia Organic’s Wax candle available at for $9.99