Lovely, Luscious Lashes!

One of my very first BGG posts was dedicated to my favorite mascara of all time – Maybelline’s Great Lash in Blackest Black. Although it’s still my everyday, go-to mascara, I have tried a few others that are pretty good as well. The way mascara magically lenghthens, highlights and simply beautifies eyes is something that I just can’t do without.

Recently, my favorite cousin, Kelly, challenged me to forgo my routine eye makeup application of eyeliner & mascara for a day. She told me that she had done the same thing and it gave her a more natural, refreshed look. What woman doesn’t want to look refreshed? So the next morning I lost the liner, but couldn’t bring myself to put down that little black wand! I just couldn’t resist having long, dark lashes that only mascara can create! Although I did appear bright-eyed without the liner, I’m convinced that the mascara really made my eyes pop!

If you had to choose, which could you do without, eyeliner or mascara?

Check out some of these marvelous mascara must-haves:

Maybelline Great Last Mascara available at for $4.79

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara available at for $9

Covergirl Queen Collection available at drugstores nationwide.

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