Get in the Spirit!

If you’re in need of a last-minute Halloween costume, Spirithoods is a great option. Although these faux-fur hoods aren’t exactly made for Halloween, they can easily be worn in a creative, animalistic way.

Simply dress in all black, draw on a few whiskers a cute nose, and voila – you’re a fun and fashionable feline! If you aren’t feeling feline-friendly, you can choose from a variety of creatures including a wooly wolf or a panda with panache. Plus, once the winter comes you can continue to wear these super stylish hoods to stay warm!

Available at for $129

Are you dressing up this Halloween? If so, what are you going as this year?

Ghoulishly Gorgeous!

Tomorrow is Halloween and that means that many beauty addicts will have a field’s day! It’s the perfect excuse to act like a child again and play in makeup. Whether you’re planning to dress up as a sexy nurse wearing fire engine red lipstick or the ugly, green-faced Wicked Witch of the West, it’s a great time to experiment with all of those crazy eye shadows and freaky glitter lashes that have been collecting dust in your makeup kit. Even if you aren’t dressing up, you can always use your makeup magic by assisting the little goblins in your life!

Here are a few items that will get you ready for Halloween!

Are you dressing up tomorrow? If so, what will you be? If not, can you recall your favorite Halloween costume as a child?

Makeup Forver Lashes available at for $14

CoverGirl Continous Lip Color in Red available at for $5.29

NYX Nail Polish in Black available at for $2.99

Urban Decay Glitter Liner available at for $18

Streak & Tips Temporary Hair Color available at for $4.29

Here I am from last year. Not very creative, but easy! For some reason you can’t see my whiskers…
If you’d like to share your past Halloween pics, simply email them to me and I’ll post them here!