Belly Bandit Believer!

Being a new mom comes with many challenges. Fortunately for me, battling the post-baby belly bulge is no longer one of them. Immediately after giving birth to Ava, I used the Belly Bandit, which, according to their website, “helps tighten and shrink your tummy post pregnancy.”

Prior to using the abdominal wrap, I had heard conflicting stories from other mothers about whether or not the concept of binding actually helps flatten stomachs and redefine waists. I asked myself, What could it hurt to try? So I decided to give it a go and hoped for the best.

Throughout weeks of feedings and never-ending diaper duty, my once-burgeoning belly stayed bound with this band. While helping to hold everything in place, it also provided back support, which was an added bonus. Around 6 weeks post-partum (I took it off from time to time) I decided to give the wrap a rest and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.

Granted, I’m not sure how my belly would’ve looked post-partum had I not used the wrap, but I’d like to think that this nifty undergarment played a part in helping me regain my pre-pregnancy figure fast.

This photo was taken a little less than 7 weeks after giving birth.

Prices start at $45.95. Visit for more information.

Have you ever used an abdominal wrap after childbirth?