BGG News Brief: Queen Latifah Takes on the Web

We all know that our girl Queen Latifah stays busy. Now the unstoppable entrepreneur is taking on the worldwide web. Last week, it was announced that she and AOL are partnering to produce online video content.

Latifah will produce and star in a variety of original video web series to be featured across AOL’s network of sites. AOL’s will showcase the series in a specially created hub designed to enhance the sites current video offerings.

Her production company, Flava Unit Entertainment will serve as the main producer of the short form talk show project, which will cover various topics ranging from entertainment and sports to social issues and entrepreneurialism.

First a rapper, then Oscar-nominated actress, Covergirl, author, perfumer, and now Internet guru – the Queen’s goals are limitless!

Will you watch the Queen Latifah-produced web series?

News: Constance White Named New EIC of Essence

In case you guys didn’t hear the news, Essence has named Constance C. R. White as the new editor-in-chief of the 40-year old magazine. White is an expert fashion editor, commentator, author and journalist. Seems like Essence has made an excellent choice. My loyal readers may remember I spoke with the veteran style maven a little over 3 years ago.

Courtesy of

Click here for the fun, fashion-focused Q&A!

Do you feel as though Essence speaks to you?

World AIDS Day

Alicia Keys and a host of other celebrities (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Hudson, Kim Kardashian, etc) are staging their digital deaths in honor of World AIDS Day. Her Keep-A-Child-Alive foundation is hoping to raise money in an effort to save millions of lives affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. She along with fellow celebrity friends are sacrificing their social media updates until $1,000,000 is raised to buy her life back. So if you’re following them on Twitter or are a Facebook friend, you won’t get any new updates until their goals are met.

Visit for information on how you can help.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, we African-Americans face the most severe burden of HIV in the United States. At the end of 2007, we accounted for almost half (46%) of people living with a diagnosis of HIV infection in the 37 states and 5 US dependent areas with long-term, confidential, name-based HIV reporting.

Do you know your status? If not, GET TESTED!


I’m taking the day off to celebrate the win of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America!! THE first African-American to win the highest office in the land!! Change has come…finally!!! Plus, I need to get some much needed rest since I’ve been under the weather for nearly a week.



Comedian Bernie Mac & Soul Singer Isaac Hayes Die

Unfortunately, the entertainment community has lost comedian, Bernie Mac today, he was 50. He died from complications related to pneumonia in a Chicago hospital this morning according to his rep, Danica Smith.

My fellow Chicagoan will be truly missed!

According to CNN, soul singer Isaac Hayes has also passed away at the age of 65 (today, Aug. 10). Details are unknown at this time.

Must See TV: “CNN Presents: Black in America”

Hey BGG readers, please tune in tonight to watch CNN’s special report on being black in America. Tonight’s airing will focus on the black woman and family. I actually caught the one that aired last week that focused on the issues plaguing black Americans (single parent families, education, etc.) and it was EXTREMELY insightful and informative. Tomorrow’s topic will be about the black man.

We BGs love all things pretty and chic, but knowledge and progressiveness is paramount!

Check local listings for channels and times.

PS Thanks Heather/Melay for the reminder! 🙂


Ok, I know I typically don’t discuss politics on BGG besides the time I posted something about Michelle Obama and Obama t-shirts :-), but I had to write something about Sen. Barack Obama making history as the presumptive first African-American Democratic presidential nominee!!!

I’m so happy and can not believe that we’re all witnessing history right before our eyes. How does this make you feel? Please share your thoughts.

Oh, I did my usual post below on Dr. Miracle’s products, so please still scroll down today! You know I love your comments!