Cocoa Cure

While chocolate typically serves as an one of the most delicious indulgences on the planet, it also boasts a bounty of beauty benefits. The cocoa plant is rich in anti-oxidants, which provides natural skin-enhancing properties. Plus, it’s packed with magnesium and vitamin B1 that are known to produce calming effects.

From slowing down the appearance of Mother Nature’s aging process to stress-relief to filling heart-shaped boxes, cocoa and chocolate can be a woman’s secret beauty weapon and ultimate sweet-tooth fix.

Check out some of these cocoa-enriched beauty picks:

Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Whipped Souffle Shea Cocoa Butter available at for $8.50

Chocolala Massage Bars available at for $12.95

Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion available at for $12

Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smooth Curly to Straight Set available at for $54

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon available at for $5.95

L’Occitane Limited Edition Cocoa Flower Ultra Rich Body Cream available at for $24

Hurraw Chocoloate Lip Balm available at for $.3.80
Ron Robinson 100% Pure Organic Cocoa Kona Coffee Body Scrub available at for $25
Vaseline Vitalizing Gel Body Oil available at for $7.50

Are you a chocolate lover? Do you purchase cocoa-based products?


  1. Wow!! I want and need every one of these products. I can’t decide which one to start with so I guess I’ll get them all!! I can’t resist!

  2. i would like to try these products!

  3. The Aveeno product sounds like something I need to add to my arsenal of moisturizing products. Just need to find a coupon this products don’t come cheap.

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Cocoa Cure

My friend, AZ had been begging me to try Vaseline’s Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil for weeks. The other day, I finally had the chance to give it a go and it certainly lived up to her hype. Nothing usually works on my super dry skin besides Aveeno, but this body moisturizer does the trick!

The Brazilian nut and almond oil-infused gel quickly absorbs into my skin leaving it soft and smooth without feeling too greasy. Plus, it has a pleasant cocoa butter scent that’s not overwhelming.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalizing Gel Body Oil available at drugstores nationwide for $7.49

Have you ever tried this product? Are you a fan of gel oils?


  1. I’m a guy and I love that cocoa smell on my chocolate skin. I’ll definitely try it!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I tried it when the product first came out and was pleasantly surprised about how well it works. No greasy feel and it smells great. This product has become on of my must haves!

    P.S. I love your blog!

  3. Great! I saw this the other day at Walmart and was contemplating whether or not to buy it. I was afraid it would be too greasy like the Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. Thanks for the product review.

  4. No I have not tried this product but it sounds divine and I will check it out. I love cocoa butter and I am a real fan of Palmer’s.

  5. I use the off brand baby oil gel – my skin is extremely dry – and may give this a shot once I run out of my usual stash. I do find the off brand to be a little greasy, but it worked, so I stuck with it. Thanks for the review!

  6. kitty vodka says:

    that looks really cool, but i am not sure if i’d be a fan of anything oil based. i am an aveeno fan like u!

  7. Hey BGG! Grrr, I can’t find this stuff anywhere.

  8. I used to buy this product and i like it but here is the thing the CVS knock off brand has the exact ingredients (I mean EXACT even in the same and it’s 2 bucks cheaper. The CVS version is even in the same type of so I no longer spend the extra 2 bucks for the vaseline name.

  9. I’ve never tried anything like this but I’m willing to give it a try. Thanks BGG!

  10. AZ IN THE HOUSE!!!

    BGG – I knew you would love it and you know I don’t easily endorse products just like that!

    I’m so happy to hear you like it!

    You forgot to mention one great attribute: it offers a sexy sheen and glow to arms and the neck area – and makes light reflect off the right parts of your arms and legs! Definitely a great look!!! I must admit 50% of my usage comes because of this factor. I can’t wait for summer to basically drench myself in this!

    I never am able to moisturize with traditional lotions so this is definitely the way to go!

    Oh, and another cool thing – I got a 2 pack from Target for $10!

    I’m a sucker for products, and I will admit this – if they put this in a fancy jar and slapped on a $40 price tag on it – I would still purchase and rave about it. The fact that it is so cheap just adds to it!

    The quality definitely deserves to be in an overpriced fancy jar!

    Great post BGG and even better contributor 🙂

  11. I love this stuff. I’ve been using it for a few months now.

  12. BGG, I’m all for a great product that works but I’m not that keen on the smell of cocoa butter. I tried the lotion and even my kids complained about the smell. That being said once I read AZ’s rave about it, I gotta try it if for no other reason but the sheen and the glow. You know how I do. I pray I can stand the scent!

  13. I tend to stay away from oils because they are too usually too greasy and somehow always end up on my clothes. I prefer natural body products. I use pure shea butter, and it works great. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, and the best part is it’s good for your skin without any added chemicals or fragrances, which is great for sensitive skin.

  14. mimieyes says:

    I would love to try it. Great finding!!!!

  15. I keep seeing this gel and have been contemplating on buying it. You sold me!!

  16. Great review! I’ve also been looking at this for a while and will give it a try :o)

  17. i carry baby oil gel in my kit for shoots…looks sexy for those ab shots…and it’s not as messy!

  18. @PJD – Thanks for the CVS tip! They have the best store brand products that work/taste just like the more expensive name-brand products. I get their gummi bears, as opposed to the name-brand, Haribo ones that cost $0.75 more! In these times, every penny counts! lol

  19. I LOVE this stuff. I always tend to break it out in the summer because it gives my skin a healthy looking “glow”. I love that it doesn’t make me feel greasy.

  20. nice post but i’m not a fan of gel oil.

  21. Vaseline brand huh? Given your seal of approval, I’ll try it. Because the vaselline lotions are WEAK!

  22. MoniMoni says:

    I’ve tried it, love it, but now Aveeno has the Oil Moisturizing lotion that doesn’t leave any greasy film…so I’m hooked on this right now.

  23. I’ve never tried it but I want it . It looks pretty in the bottle.

  24. love this product. been using it for awhile.

  25. @Anonymous – Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy reading it. Please continue to check it out! 🙂

  26. I’m inspired to try something other than Johnson’s baby lotion–which does nothing for dryness–but I’m so addicted.

  27. Saw this on sale at Target and wasn’t sure. Now I wish I would’ve gotten it. Good to know.

  28. I love this stuff I have been using it for about 2 years now!

  29. Shawnta` says:

    Yes! I use this product. It’s great. I love using it right after a shower or bubble bath and definitely right after shaving.

  30. I just learned that they have a new one, it’s the aloe vera one! I really want to try that one.

  31. I love gel oils! I use them on my legs to keep the ashyness away!

  32. Well done – it makes a nice change to read something that makes sense. Pleasing on the eye too. You have a real nice site!

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