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Now that school is officially back in session and the vacations have ceased bringing everyone back to work, why not tote your most important professional tool – your laptop – in style! From basic black to funky polka-dot motifs, why not let your personality shine through with a unique, yet practical laptop bag?

Do you own a laptop bag? If not, check out some of these:

Brenthaven Metrolite Laptop Case available at for $79.99

Acme Slim Cargo Laptop Bag available at for $129.99

Laptop Tote available at for $33.99

Built NY French Bull Laptop Sleeve available at for $45.99

Knomo Toyah Laptop Briefcase available at for $169

California Leash Laptop Sleeve available at for $31.99

Urban Junket Tote Laptop Messenger Backpack available at for $143

Black & White Laptop Case available at for $24.99

Bellwether Front Pleat Laptop Bag available at for $279

McKlein USA Series Forest Leather Laptop Bag available at for $139

Mango Tango Portfolio Laptop Bag available at for $49.99


  1. Fantastic post – am going to buy one of those bags right now.

  2. I currently carry a my laptop in a Coach tote. I’ve been looking for something else. These all look nice and reasonably priced. I will definitely look at more online. Thanks!

  3. Oh I really like those bags from coolcomputerbags. I brought one in Chapters, a big bookstore in Canada which is really funky.

  4. I really like the red McKlein bag! Thanks for sharing.

  5. i have a nice laptop case that came as a part of this target tote. that tote broke within like a month but it saved me $30+ on a separate laptop sleeve so i guess i broke even. i dont carry my laptop too often but i still get some use so i guess it’s cool.

  6. These are so pretty. I need a nice bag. Thanks.

  7. hahah my mom always says I have expensive taste. My eye was naturally drawn to the most expensive one on the page before I even checked
    Very cute laptop bags.

  8. Ooooo I love these. I’m happy to announce I got my very first laptop for my b-day this summer so I need a cute bag. I had no idea I had so many options! Thanks, BGG! Now all I need to do is find a reason to tote it around everyday! ahahahahhaa

  9. The one I loved the most would be the most expensive…figures!

  10. i have a nice bag but these are cool!

  11. i might pick up one for my wife

  12. These are all so cute and affordable. Thanks for an awesome post. I just bought my first laptop a couple of months ago and I have a couple of bags that I’ve gotten over the years, but they’re not fabulous.

    These bags are fab.

  13. i dont own a laptop but the Bellwether Front Pleat Laptop Bag looks very nice for work

  14. i can’t wait to purchase one of those bags for my new macbook.

  15. I need a new bag because I buy a laptop and I need to transport to the university, I think that those bag are so special and very nice.

  16. I love these bags. I know what I’m getting for my birthday!

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