Cool Candy-Colored Cameras!

In the fast-growing world of social media, it’s likely that many of you already own a digital camera. If you’re one of the few who still doesn’t own one of the greatest technological gadgets, it’s high time that you start snapping away and stand out in the crowd this summer with one of these fun, candy-colored cameras! Who says cool paparazzi shots are only for celebrities?

Do you own a digital camera? If so, do you ever actually get your photos printed or do they just stay on your computer or camera?

Canon Powershot 10.0 Mega-pixels Digital Camera available at for $199.99

Fuji Film Fine Pix 10.0 Mega-pixels Digital Camera available at for $152.99

Nikon Cool Pix 10.0 Mega-pixels Digital Camera available at for $116.99

Olympus Stylus 10.0 Mega-pixels Digital Camera available at for $159.99

Canon Powershot 10.0 Mega-pixels Digital Camera available at for $199.99

Sony Powershot 12.1 Mega-pixels Digital Camera available at for $284.99


  1. I have a perfectly good camera that takes great photos, but I wish it were RED!

  2. I have a Sony Cybershot 7MP. It’s PINK and I love it. It takes wonderful photos. I even purchased a pink carrying case. So chic…

  3. your posts are always right on target w/ what im thinking. i want a new camera and i want it in COLOR! cant choose a color just yet but doesnt matter because i cant afford it but i like doing my research in advance.

  4. mimieyes says:

    Wow! cameras are becoming cool looking and affordable.
    I love the Canon Powershot great looking camera.
    But all my life I have only Nikon cameras maybe I should give Canon a try.

  5. I love these colors. I digital pics stay on the computer way too long.

  6. I actually have several cameras. i was suppose to start a photo project called project 365. But I find it difficult to always remember my camera.

  7. I do have a digital camera – but I like that yellow one :-).
    Yes, i print out my photos.

  8. kitty vodka says:

    all my photos stay on my computer. and that reminds me… i need to get a charger for mine

  9. I so need to get a replacement digital camera since I seemed to have misplaced mine. I am such a fan of the Olympus brand because not only do they take fabulous pictures, but they have cameras that are shock proof, water proof, and tempature proof. So I can drop it, take pictures under water, or in negative tempatures, and it will still be okay.

    If it came it pink, I’d be all over it.

  10. I love those colors! I bought my Sony PowerShot in black, which I thought was soooo sleek at the time. Now it looks boring in comparison to these!

  11. I broke my camera at a wedding last fall. I want a new camera so badly, but I keep spending my discretionary funds on other goodies. Maybe in the winter, I’ll get a new one (when there are less social gathering in the Chi).

  12. These are all so fun. I overheard a group of young women talking at Best Buy and the one of the girls mentioned she wanted a green camera to match her new pants that she purchased for a summer party.

    Great post!

  13. that guy says:

    nice post. i own a camera but the pics stay on the computer

  14. Great Picks BGG! I like the Nikon Cool Pix camera, love the maroon/burgundy color.

  15. cool post! i love those choices. i do need me a good pink point and shoot!

  16. BGG, I just recently purchased a new camera and I wish I had gotten a nice red one. Anyhoo, I love my new gadget and I’ve taken tons of pics already!

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