Digital Spring Cleaning: PayPal VP Shares 5 Tips To Keep Your Online Space Safe

Many of us have already packed away winter clothes and finished our spring cleaning, but have we tidied up our digital space? The answer is probably no.

Research shows that each year thousands of Americans are victims of an online crime. In fact, one in four people will become victims.  That’s why it’s so important for us to take  take the time to protect and manage our online footprints accordingly.

Since Internet activity is such an extension of our real-world lives, it’s important for us to use the necessary precautions to properly maintain and monitor our social media profiles, photos and other personal accounts.

I recently caught up with Carey Kolaja, the VP of Global Consumer Products at PayPal, to get tips on what we can do to help ensure that our digital personas stay secure so we can continue to surf the web safely and smartly.

Check out the Q&A below: 

BGG: Why is it  important for individuals to occasionally clean up their digital profiles?
Carey Kolaja: Cleaning up your digital profile is important because it helps to keep you organized and polished. How many times have you forgotten a password or wished you backed up important memories from your digital or mobile device? Keeping an organized digital life will help to avoid unnecessary password leaks and missing memories. And on a personal level, it also gives you a chance to double check that your profiles are current – from updating your photos to freshening up your personal bio.

BGG: What are a few rules of thumb individuals should keep in mind when cleaning up their social media accounts?
CK: When changing your passwords, never make it something obvious. Try adding symbols like an underscore that will make it harder for a hacker to figure out. Also, upload personal photos and videos frequently to a web based home. Streamlining your digital albums will give you peace of mind in knowing that your precious personal content won’t get lost or deleted.

BGG: Apps are such an important part of our digital lives, what’s the best way to manage them so that your phone isn’t cluttered and that you use them optimally?
CK: People’s schedules and lives are constantly changing and apps are supposed to make your life easier. Reevaluate your apps every few months to make sure they are relevant to your life as it changes. For example, if you recently attended a conference and downloaded an app that would help your experience while you were there, now is the time to delete it from your phone to clear room for other content.

BGG: How can you manage an overflowing inbox?
CK: Try unsubscribing to unwanted newsletters and deleting unnecessary emails that crowd your box. You’ll see it drastic reduction in your email folders.

BGG: If an individual can only do ONE thing as it pertains to spring cleaning their digital lives, what should it be?
CK: Of course, when it comes to cleaning up your digital life it varies from person to person. One of PayPal’s main priorities is the safety and security of people’s personal information, therefore when cleaning up your digital life, always make sure your passwords are up to date and secure.

Do you occasionally clean your digital profiles by updating passwords, etc.? Has your online life ever been compromised? 


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    I have never done this! Thanks for highlighting this important need!

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