Dresses for the Recessionista!

Nothing says spring/summer like a lovely laid-back day dress. Since many of us are no longer splurging on expensive clothes, a frugal flirty frock is just what the financial savvy shoppers ordered. This spring/summer you can be stylish and sensible with affordable dresses that are comfortable and perfect for many occasions, such as picnics in the park or afternoon strolls.

Are you a fan of sundresses?

Check out some of these all under $25!:

Cross-Front Sundress available at www.oldnavy.com for $15

Floral Bubble Hem Dress available at www.forever21.com for $22.80

Applique Jersey Dress available at www.forever21.com for $24.80

Teresa Woven Dress available at www.forever21.com for $22.80

Knotted Strapless Dress available at www.spiegel.com for $21.99

Smocked Tube Dress available at www.americaneagle.com for $19.95

Satin Oval Print Dress available at www.forever21.com for $24.80


  1. i love sundresses. that is the next thing i will be adding to my wardrobe for summer. i have some from last year but you can never have too many.

  2. Some of these are really cute and at great prices! Now to find some in my size. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have been adding lots of dresses to my wardrobe! I can’t wait to wear them.

  4. i can see myself wearing a few of these. Thanks!!!

  5. kitty vodka says:

    i am obsessed! i plan on going to old navy today for their 12.99 bathing suits so i will have to take a peak at the dresses!

  6. mimieyes says:

    Great summer dresses and the price are right.

  7. I love sundresses. As spring goes into summer I am definitely expanding my sundress collection. I just bought a maxi dress from marshall’s the other day for $20.

  8. I LOVE sundresses. Summertime is my favorite time of the year because I can wear all my sundresses and be cute and COMFORTABLE!

  9. Is there anything better than a cute and comfy sundress? I think not! These are great and so affordable. It’s time to go dress shopping!!

  10. I am a fan of sundresses, but I don’t like buying stuff I can’t wear to work. We’re casual everyday, but no spaghetti straps, so a lot of the sundresses stay in the store for me.

  11. Now that’s what I’m talking about- chic and affordable. Thanks.

  12. I absolutely love each and every one of these sundresses. The problem that I find though (especially with dresses at Old Navy) is that they don’t accomodate for the bigger chested ladies. While I am a 7 in the waist, I am heavy up top and ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to have my chest pouring out of the top or the sides of a dress. Because of this, I have to steer clear of most of them.

  13. i love the f21 dresses!! now lets see if they have any faith21 dresses that are just as cute =/

  14. i love that purple dress. Ordering right now from forever 21. Darn BGG, you always making me broke! lol

  15. I’m in love with all of the forever 21 dresses. I love spring and summer cause it’s the only time I get to wear dresses.

  16. I have the same problem as Miss Mika. Dresses that look cute on other girls look scandalous on me, haha! I only get sundresses with enough coverage on top, so that happens verrry rarely.

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