Farewell Oprah…

Courtesy of Harpo

Today marks an end of an era in television. For nearly a quarter of a century, millions of viewers from around the world have tuned in and grown up with The Oprah Winfrey Show. Although I was only 6-years-old when the show first hit the airwaves, like so many other 80s babies, Oprah was THE queen of television in my household.

From shows on domestic violence to unbelievable giveaways, The Oprah Winfrey Show has taught me immensely throughout the years. Plus, being a Chicago native, I feel proud to have lived in the city that built Harpo.

It was always my dream to work for her and a few years ago I came VERY close to fulfilling that goal. However, at the time it was not meant to be. I’m sure that her inspiring and uplifting passion to enlighten the world will continue and ultimately go down in history. Oprah is by far one of America’s greatest teachers and I’m forever grateful.

What’s your favorite Oprah show/memory?


  1. Anonymous says:

    when tom was jumping up and down on the couch. crazy

  2. I actually got a chance to go backstage for a client (and serve something on our during one of her breakfast shows). My mom, grandma, aunties and such saw me on TV. It was pretty cool. She was really nice in-person too.

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