‘Gazillion Bubbles’ Will Make Kids Bubble Over with Excitement

Like many parents, I’m always looking for fun things to do with my kids on the weekends.

Whether it’s taking them to see a new exhibit at a museum or a play at our favorite children’s theater—there’s always something to do in the city that never sleeps. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking my son and daughter to a magical place that they won’t soon forget, the Gazillion Bubbles Show.


Located at New World Stages Theatre on the city’s west side, the bubble-filled extravaganza is one of the most unique and fascinating shows that we’ve ever experienced as a family. We watched Melody Yang, the self-taught suds expert wield her awe-inspiring skills by transforming bubbles into intriguing, bouncy works of art.

We observed in amazement as countless transparent spheres floated into the crowd, creating a lively interactive exchange that made all attendees feel like part of the show. Part science, all fun—this bubble-tastic, soapy spectacle kept us captivated throughout its entire 60-minute duration. Just when you thought the bubbles were slowing down, more and more would appear turning the theater into a delightful bubble wonderland.

Click here for more information and tickets to the Gazillion Bubbles Show. 

From start to finish, the mind-blowing display of bubbles was astonishingly wondrous and brought out the kid in all of us.

If you’re in the New York City area and looking for a cool place to take your little ones, look no further than the Gazillion Bubbles Show.

Below, check out a quick clip from the show:


Have you ever attended the Gazillion Bubbles Show with your family?


  1. miriam White says:

    Wow! that looks fun for kids.

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