Go “Nuts” for The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut Body Care Line

I don’t know about you, but I’m quite a nutty girl!

I’ve always been a lover of a nutty ice creams, sweet treats or a simple handful of mixed nuts as a snack. Basically, anything with nuts as a main ingredient count me in. And that apparently applies to body butters and shower gels too!

The Body Shop has a new and improved line of Brazil nut-infused body care products that is ahh-mazing! Brazils are one of my favorite nuts so I was interested in seeing how they would translate into a luxe lotion or body wash. The alluring sweet and nutty scent caresses the senses like only The Body Shop products can. The soap-free shower cream soothes and cleanses the skin with a rich lather that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. The body butter soaks into skin like a richer and more moisturizing shea butter. While the 3-in-1 beautifying oil provides skin with a light sheen that isn’t too oily but keeps skin glowing and  moisturized for hours! I haven’t quite figured out how it can be used for the face, but a few drops does wonders for my super dry hair. Plus, all of the products are environmentally friendly and are made with Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil from nuts hand-harvested in Peru.

If you’re looking to take a break from the usual floral and fruity scents that most body care companies offer, opt for this nutty line of products!

brazil-nut-body-butter_lBrazil Nut Body Butter available here, $20

brazil-nut-shower-cream_lBrazil Nut Shower Cream available here, $8

brazil-nut-beautifying-oil_lBrazil Nut Beautifying Oil available here, $14

Are you a fan of nut-infused products or do you prefer to EAT your nuts?


  1. This would be a nice alternative to the flowery stuff! I’ll look for it next time.

  2. Ooh! *Adds to list* I’m not into nutty products, though I used to love Burt’s Bees Raspberry and Brazil nut conditioner. I switched to a conditioner from Trader Joe’s as a most cost-effective (and less scented) option. But you know I value your opinion. I’ve purchased many a product at your recommendation, so this is next!

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