Great Gifts for Mom!

Now that I’m a mom, I’m looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day this Sunday more than ever! Even though my birthday is only a few days before the special day, I hope my hubby doesn’t try to give me one gift for both days – combo gifts are never fun. Hopefully, he’ll check out BGG’s gift guide to get an idea of what we mothers want. From beauty buys to the hottest new gadget, BGG has you covered.

Check out these gift ideas:

Cotton Waffle Weave Robes available at for $39 (originally $115)

Bond 9 NYC Chinatown Swarovski Rose Pocket Spray .25 oz available at for $225

Picture frame available at for $58

Fruit bouquet available at (prices vary)

Apple iPad available at starting at $499

Chloe Marcie Small Leather Satchel available at for $1595

Bliss gift card available at Who doesn’t love a spa day?

L’Occitane Nourishing Shea Embrace Set available at for $69

Sterling Silver 1/2 ct. TW Diamond Studs available at for $209.99 (originally $525)

Tarte Super Set available at for $47 (originally $137) Contains products for the lids, lashes, lips, and complexion in a reusable tote bag.


  1. my poor mother could only be so lucky! i love bond 9… if only it were 200 dollars cheaper!!!

  2. Great post BGG! However, I don’t think my hubby would go for any of those prices. LOL

  3. @Rebee, maybe the robe or Tarte set? aahahahah Wishful thinking for me with that Chloe bag! lol

  4. kitty vodka says:

    i got a Fruit bouquet for my bday and it was delish

  5. that guy says:

    that bliss card is a great idea

  6. Every year I tell him not to get me anything, but I’m thrilled when he ignores me! I don’t really “want” anything, so whatever I get will be gravy!

    My mom travels quite a bit, so we bought her a travel photography course this year. Hope shes love it.

  7. mimieyes says:

    Great suggestion of presents.
    I’m thinking of sending the fruit bouquet.

  8. @Nerd Girl – That’s an awesome gift idea!

    Even though I said combo gifts are no fun – I’m really easy to please. Plus, I have the greatest gift of all – my daughter AVA!

  9. Oh my gosh that bag!!!! I drool.

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Great Gifts for Mom!

With Mother’s Day only a few days away, you still have time to grab a great gift for the special woman who made you who you are today. From beauty buys to gadget gifts, this year give your mom something that she’ll love. Although I’m sure that she’d be satisfied with just a hug and a kiss!

Check out some of these cool gifts for mom:

Carol’s Daughter Pearls Gift Set available at for $49.50

Apple iPod Touch 16G available at starting at $299

Stila My Mother, My Hero Gift Set available at for $38

Flower Bouquet available at or any local florist!

Jitterbug Apron available at for $32

Tiffany Gold “Mom” Locket ($400) and gold chain ($150) available at

Kodak Personalized Photo Keepsake Box available at for $29

What will you get your mom for Mother’s Day this year? Have you already purchased it?

PS Thanks for all of your kind words and well wishes regarding my move. It was a total headache and essentially sort of ruined my b-day, but what can you do!? 🙂


  1. i found some more interesting gift on
    photo canvasa art, photos to canvas, and personalized blankets, i personalized a blankets with picture of my mom.

  2. Thanks for the gift ideas. Sorry about the headache of a B-day. I hope you get a better make up day today.

  3. mimieyes says:

    Great suggestions!

  4. Where is the less expensive list of M-Day gifts?

  5. Good suggestions. I like the Carol’s Daughter Pearl gift set. The little box it comes with is pretty.

  6. @Bam – the best gift you can give your mom is a hug, kiss and card – that’s next to nothing! And I’m sure she’d treasure it just as much as anything!

  7. i got my mom edible arrangments 🙂

  8. My mom loves to get frivolous things that she would never generally buy herself. Lots of those at anthropologie! I love their brightly colored and jeweled reading glasses for her.

  9. Flowers are always a safe bet for my mom. She loves plants and flowers!

  10. BGG, I’m glad you survived you move. And I hope you get to celebrate your birthday soon. Now as for Mother’s Day gifts, my mom is gone on to glory so it’s all about ME! And since I know my daughter is reading this…if you get me an apron I’m gonna be pissed! ahahahahaha

  11. BGG, one more thing…a hug and a kiss is nice BUT I wants me a gift on Sunday. Don’t play with me!

  12. great choices bgg. i think my mom would appreciate a photobox… that T & CO pendant… sorta makes me want to be a mom so that i can have one of those lol

  13. Fabulous gifts…Thanks for the ideas!

  14. Thanks for this post, mom never take anything but all the time only give. She can understand, not need to say anything she can understand only see our face. I like all the gift ideas very much.

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Great Gifts for Mom!

With Mother’s Day less than 2 weeks away, it’s time to think of special gifts that will make your mom smile. Whether she’s a makeup maven, self-help enthusiast, candy lover or somewhere in between, BGG has rounded up some of the best gifts to honor the woman who made us who we are today.

What was the most memorable gift you’ve ever given your mother or received on Mother’s Day?

Take a look at these:

Flowers always brighten a woman’s day, especially pretty pink ones! Posh Pinks Bouquet available at for $52.95

Diamonds are a girls’ best friend. Sterling Silver Diamond Bangle Bracelet available at for $242.10

Ever want to get your mother to tell her life story? Here’s your chance! This Story of Lifetime book has over a 500 questions that you can ask your mom. From describing her first proposal to her first job, this book is perfect to pass down to generations. Available at for $48

You played in her makeup when you were a kid, why not repay her with luxurious Lancome lipstick? Mother’s Day Lips Seductive Cools available at for $49.50

You’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who doesn’t love chocolate – I’m sure your mom is no exception! Queen for a Day Chocolates available at for $38.00.

For the mom who loves snapping shots of her kids and grandkids at family gatherings, this Canon PowerShot Digital Camera is perfect for the parent-paparazzi. Availble at for $169.97.

Since she rarely makes time for herself, treat her to a relaxing spa treatment. have gift certificates that are valid at over 4000 spas nationwide from $50-$1000.

If you can’t get her to go to a spa, bring the massage to her with the OSIM iSqueez Foot and Calf Massager available at for $399

To help maintain your mom’s gorgeous glow, try Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Celebration Set available at for $58.00

For the mom who adores all things Oprah, this hardcover “best of” book is bound to please. O’s Guide to Life: The Best of O, the Oprah Magazine available at for $19.77

There’s no photo for this, but I had to include taking your mother out to a spectacular brunch (a gospel brunch would be even better). She’ll appreciate that you filled her belly and spirit!


  1. BGG, Mother’s Day brings mixed emotions for me since my mom has passed away. However, it’s always fun to see what my children come up with to make me smile on my special day. I would love any and all of your suggestions but I also love the scribbled I love you on construction paper, the dollar store lotion and the bootleg perfume. For me, it’s the look on their faces when I am pleased that makes my day. It’s priceless!

  2. So many good gifts. I was stuck on the diamonds that is until I got to the foot massager! Wow. Now I want that. I’ve tried it in the store and it’s wonderful. At that price though, I’m afriad I’ll be trying it again in the store. LOL.

  3. Great ideas! I’ll have to mention these to you know who. Lol. Although I really don’t care too much about the day since I can’t spend the day with my mom because she passed. I just look at it as another day. Even though I’m a mother it’s hard to not have my mother around on that day but I do enjoy whatever I do or get.

  4. being an unemployed college student, my mother will get a card this year…again. if i had money i would get her the oprah book or clothes. ive bought her jewelry, a foot massager, and other things in the past but the gift she liked most was when i bought her an outfit.

  5. BGG, Great ideas and thanks for the reminder.
    Since my mother is away I love the Posh Pink bouquet.

  6. kitty vodka says:

    good ideas! thanks, the bracelet is my fav. i think i want it

  7. Excellent topic. That calf massager looks WONDERFUL. I also love love LOVE the story of a lifetime book. What a wonderful idea. I want to buy it for all the women in my life.

    (Making a mental side note to add that to my bridesmaids’s gift bags whenever I get married)

  8. i’ll take everything on this post!! LOL-i wish :-S but i’m so excited!!! i actually get stuff now so i’m pumped-YIPPEEEE!!!!!

  9. all great ideas… I got my mom carol’s daughter stuff last year… being with her this past weekend though revealed to me that she needs a new cell phone… so I will be going that route!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for reminding me bgg, I have to plan my mom’s gift for this year. I think the most memorable gift I gave my mom was an edible bouquet. It’s a flower bouquet made out of fruits. It’s delicious and pretty, plus everyone got to enjoy it!

  11. I really want to get my mother a great Mother’s Day Gift. She deserves it! Thanks BGG for your selection (that Oprah Book is at the top of my wish list to get my mom).

  12. that diamond bracelet is a great gift

  13. Great gift Ideas. I am ordering the story of a lifetime for my mom tonight. She has amazing stories

  14. You just gave me an idea. A day at the spa for moms! LOL

  15. Great ideas. Tyou for keeping me on top of things.

  16. I really think I’m going to get my mom that “Story of a Lifetime” book. It’s actually my favorite gift in the lineup. I know my mom will enjoy telling me her life story!

  17. awesome suggestions!

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