Guys & Our Natural Hair Revolution

It’s pretty evident that we’re in the midst of a natural hair revolution! We BGs are going natural and embracing our natural kinky, coily, and curly locks like never before (well maybe we have gone done this self-loving path before, but you know what I mean). We’ve chopped our relaxed strands and decided to let our God-given manes do their own natural thing.

Whether worn in a eye-catching Afro, twists, short crop, or any of the infinite styles that allows textured hair to shine, it’s great to see our crowning glories being celebrated.

However, after a recent conversation I had with friends and family, I’m wondering if our brothers are loving our natural kinks and coils as much as we are. Personally, my husband was a bit resistant when I first did away with my shoulder-length relaxed hair, but has now embraced it completely.

What’s been your experience with the opposite sex when it comes to your natural hair? Was your husband/boyfriend confused when you decided to cut your relaxed hair, etc? Or has your significant other always loved your natural hair? Guys, what’s your take?


  1. I don’t think natural hair is for everyone. It’s definitely not for me.

  2. Our brothers were brainwashed just like we were so of course it’s a challenge for them to embrace our natural hair BUT they will get over it…the freedom that comes with loving your true self brings about some nice rewards for us and them 😉

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  4. @Sherita – That’s true – it’s definitely a choice. I like that with natural hair you can have a variety of styles (if you use heat).

    @Ladybug – It definitely is freeing!

  5. my husband didnt care. but i think he prefers it natural/textured.
    its all in your overall package how you present yourself, your total look.

  6. I honestly think it varies. The man I was in a relationship with when I big chopped over 4 years ago absolutely LOVED my natural hair. He was definitely supportive in my natural journey. The man I am in a relationship with now prefers a looser texture, but is really only concerned that my hair be long. Short hair is masculine to him, unfortunately.

  7. My husband loves it. I have locs and he has even started to lock his hair. He appreciates the confidence of women loving how God made our hair.

  8. that guy says:

    it took me a little while to get use to it. but it works at time with my wife.

  9. @ ladbug- well said 🙂

    I went natural last year, I’m loving it. I don’t allow people to determine my lifestyle.

    My Natural Journey Blog

  10. Jeanette says:

    The men I have dated prefer relaxed hair & that is what I prefer as well. I’m not very adventurous with my hair at all so a nice, sleek bob with a full side swept bang works for me. More power to the naturals. If I ever grow my relaxer out, I would still have my hair straightened. And before my blackness is questioned let me say that I’m a proud African-American woman.

  11. I believe that as long as you’re comfortable with yourself, your hairstyle really doesn’t matter. However, I’m happy that I can embrace my natural hair now. When I was younger I didn’t like its God-given texture due to my family making fun of my hair as a kid. Now I LOVE my kinks!! Power to every woman who rocks their hair in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.

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