Happy Feet!

During the Christmas break I finally found the time to try the popular PedEgg. I had heard so many great things about this product, but have always been skeptical about those “As Seen On TV” products and wondered if they really worked.

Well, all of my skepticism ceased after treating my feet to this callus-curing contraption! After using the PedEgg on my dry, winter-ridden feet, I was able to scratch waddling to the nearest nail salon off of my to-do-list. The tiny stainless (and painless) steel files gently chips away old, dead skin leaving heels super smooth and soft!

PedEgg The Ultimate Foot File – As Seen on TV available at www.walgreens.com for $9.99

Have you ever tried the PedEgg? One lucky winner will win one to kick-start the New Year with callus-free feet! Just leave a comment and a winner will be selected randomly and announced later this week.


  1. I would love to win the ped-egg

  2. Glad to see a review of the ped-egg. Hope I win!

  3. I have bad callus on my feet and use other callus remover that’s good never use this one love to try it to see how it works.

  4. I havent tried this but I have tried other products. I would love to try this one though.

  5. I definitely need this…

  6. I haven’t tried the PedEgg yet but I’ve heard great things about it from several friends. Thanks for the review!

    P.S. Are you beyond excited now? It’s almost time! I’m excited FOR you. 😉

  7. i dont mind shelling out $ for pedis in the warm months when my feet are showing constantly but once i start wearing closed-in shoes and hardly no one will see, i turn to my trusted pedegg. ive bought refills and everything.

  8. I’ve been dying to try this, Thanks for the review!

  9. It looks scary, but I definitely want to try it.

  10. welcome back!! i always wondered about those things too. maybe i’ll try it now that you’ve vouched for it!

  11. BGG, I LOVE the Pedegg! I tried it about a year ago and was hooked immediately! I even bought one for my BF but I haven’t been brave enough to use it yet! Yikes!

  12. Hey BGG I hope you are well. I’m actually not entering the contest since I own the ped egg, but I just wanted to say it’s GREAT! Despite they way it looks, I agree with you that it really is painless.
    Have a great day.

  13. I’ve actually wanted to try this for a while. I have my fingers crossed.

  14. I would love to try it 🙂

  15. thank you so much for testing this product! this is the first i heard of it and i need that in my life. i just got my first pedi in about 3-4 months cuz i am so broke. and i am always on the hunt for products that really work and save me money. and soft smooth feet are so necessary. THANKS!

  16. I have also wondered if the pedegg worked. The commercials always seemed so convincing but I thought it was too good to be true. My dry winter feet would be very grateful!

  17. The pedi egg is great.

  18. Never tried it, but i’m game. I’ll wish myself luck!

  19. Oh my winter feet are a mess. You are going to have me running to CVS for the pediegg now. LOL.

  20. I have always wanted to try it but like you, a skeptic at best. I think its really travel savvy and now that I can trust someone saying it really works, I may have to give it a try.

    so cute @ waddling..LOL

  21. Great, now I know I can buy it. Consumer reports said it works too. Thanks for your review!

  22. The Ped-Egg sounds great, I really could use one, now that I can reach my feet again, after such a lonnnnnnggggg pregnancy, LOL!

  23. Your post is right on time. My heels were in need of this review. Even if I don’t win, I’ll try the PedEgg anyway.

  24. The ped-egg works! No pain, no cuts, just smooth skin!

  25. I was not sure if the ped-egg really work. Thank you for posting it on your blog.

  26. It be great to win a Ped-egg.

  27. Who win the ped-egg BGG

  28. @Stephanie – The winner of the PedEgg was Jay. I announced it with the robes post. 🙂

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Happy Feet!

Now that summer is officially only a few days away, it’s time to sport those cute toe-baring shoes if you haven’t already! In order to wear your killer gladiator sandals or fabulous peep-toe pumps with confidence, having a nice pedicure is mandatory. Having chipped polish and ashy heels is not a good look and can take away from your overall BG chicness.

Do you give yourself at-home pedicures?

Check out some of these products that will keep your feet pretty:

Just for You Pedicure Implement Kit available at www.sallybeauty.com for $9.99

Winning Nails Fun-shaped Toe Separators available at www.sallybeauty.com for $1.99

Homedics Pedicure Spa Salon Foot Bath with Heat available at www.ulta.com for $49.99

Tweezerman Glass Pedicure File available at www.ulta.com for $15

Bliss Super Slough Scrub available at www.drugstore.com for $34

Skin Free Sweet & Smooth Sugar Scrub available at www.drugstore.com for $15.99

Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment available at www.drugstore.com for $9.99

Lippman Collection Nail Polish Sampler Kit available at www.victoriassecret.com for $6.99

Heel-to-Toe Sure Grip Toenail Clipper available at www.sallybeauty.com for $2.99


  1. tyou bgg. i was just in cvs today to get a few things. i love the photo of the brown toes in the rose water. soothing. i am gonna have to try that one.

  2. Yes I have my at home kit and I have been using it for a while now. A must have item is my ped egg, it really does work!!!
    Product Junkie Diva

  3. good post! gotta take care of your feetz. lol

  4. As always, awesome topic. I get a pedicure monthly at the nail shop in the summer time (if not more) I don’t give myself full home pedicures, but special care is taken every night with a different treatment of sorts. The pig toe separators are TOO CUTE!

    I’m thinking about getting a Ped Egg Pedicure Foot file for the in between times. You’re right ashiness and crustiness will take away from your BG chicness and is unacceptable. 🙂

  5. i keep forgetting about that ped egg. i think i prefer to go to the nail shop to get my feet done rather than do them myself at home, despite all the germs and what not. maybe i’ll at least pick up that pedicure kit from sally’s to take with me. as usual, good post!

  6. Yep I do my mani’s & pedi’s both at home too… It takes me awhile but I do a much better job and mine last much longer than the salons.

  7. kitty vodka says:

    Love the choices but i like to get mine done. its so relaxing and its great way to unwind at the end of the day.

  8. Fun post. My at home pedis are a quick swipe of polish. Maybe I’ll take a bit more time with them now. Thanks BG!

  9. that 1st pic would be a great book cover

  10. BGG! You’re right what a good way to start the summer which starts Saturday June 21st with happy feet. I do my own pedicure, because I get nervous of getting cooties at a salon. I love the pink separators and looking forward to trying the new Olay thermal.
    “this little piggy went to the marker: LOL!

  11. Love the pink piggie toe spacers.

    I do a home pedicure. I’d love to have ’em done professionally, but I’m too paranoid about catching something.

  12. I do my own manis and pedis. My work looks better and lasts longer than the pros. I will say that I didn’t really like the ped egg. I passed it on to my husband who LOVES it.

  13. @Everyone – I’ve never heard of the Ped Egg, but thanks for the info. I must give it a try!

  14. BGG, I used to go to the salon fairly often until I got a staph infection. Needless to say, my visits are few and far between now. I happen to LOVE my Ped Egg and I keep it in a very cute little basket behind the toilet so sometimes I take a few extra moments to smooth things over since I’m just sitting there! Ash, crust & crud are a NO NO! The Ped Egg takes care of all of that…then I just soak my feet and slather on some type of foot cream, apply nice red polish and I’m good to go. BTW, it’s be sandal weather for months here in H-town!

  15. i have almost all of that stuff, but i hardly ever use it. there’s just no mimicking a professional pedicure in my book 🙂 but if there’s an emergency, i’ll whip out some stuff just to hold me over until i can get to the spa

  16. I really do want to start doing my own mani/pedis at home. Its so important to learn how to pamper yourself. I need to start doing more of that. Will definitely check out some of your suggestions soon!

  17. Thanks for this post… in fact every day in the shower i give my feet some extra love… now an excuse to use all those free feet care thingy come in a gift basket…

  18. great selection BGG! Sally Beauty Supply always makes the best nail care kits, especially for the toes.

  19. that guy says:

    nice post…but most of the brothers i know don’t pay that much attention to the toes.

  20. I live in FL and pedicures are a must! If im not at the office, you will catch me in my flip-flops. They are sooo comfortable! I haven’t heard of the ped egg before, but I will check it out during my next visit at Target.

  21. thank you for the review! I will check out the olay one…it sounds delish 🙂

  22. Good tips but nothing does it for me like a professional – I need to find a friend to do these options for me – wink wink BGG!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Love the piggy toe separators. Might have to get those to walk around the house in ;o)

  24. Uggh! I need to get working on my feet TONIGHT!!

    I love the ped egg, I guess I should use it.

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