Keep the Change

Like most women, I spend way too much time in my purse looking for items that I know are there, but can never find – especially loose change. I know that I have a ton of coins hanging out in somewhere in my bag, it’s just tedious task of fishing them out when I need them. Time after time, I’m at the cash register a penny or two short for my purchase all because I can’t grab my change quickly. Finally, I’ve taken the time to buy a super cute coin purse to keep all of my hard-to-find loose cash stashed.

Do you use a coin purse or are you like me and can never find your change when you need it?

Check out some of these fabulous finds:

Tory Burch Clayton Coin Purse available at for $95

Commes des Garcon Zip Top Coin Purse available at for $99

Coach Gramercy Skinny Wallet available at for $42

Barbie Lipstick Coin Purse available at for $28

Diane Von Furstenberg Estella Coin Purse available at for $115

Giraffe Coin Purse available at for $12.95

Tiffany Coin Purse available at for $50

Ugg Australia Covina Leather Coin Purse available at for $48

Flower Front Wallet available at for $7.99


  1. Hi! I have a coin purse on the side of my wallet. It’s a necessity! I hope you and Baby BGG are doing well!

  2. Hey BGG
    I like quite a few on the list, very cute.
    Have a great snowy weekend.

  3. I use a coin purse now but at one time I was a lot like you…digging around for change I knew was there. I love the Tiffany coin purse

  4. I am also guilty for having a purse full of change, but I am bad because I hold up the line to search for the coins. I should really get me a change purse. I just wonder will I use it for the long haul or will it too gravitate to the bottom of my purse?

  5. I save all my change. Quarters for laundry and everything else for savings at the end of the year. Whenever I feel my purse getting heavy, I unload. So no change purses for me. 🙁

    Cute picks though!

  6. I think I am going to have to purchase my namesake. That’ll be adorable in my purse, but chances are I still won’t be able to find it. To think about there would be no point because my kids ransack my purse for change twice a week and I rarely have any.


  7. These have to be the cutest coin purses ever! I’m sure I have at least $100 in coins in the bottom of my purse right now…. don’t judge me….lol Coin purses pay for themselves!

  8. nice post! you have great taste.

  9. cute!!

  10. mimieyes says:

    Definitive great idea. I love the Commes des Garcon purse. I saw I the story and it perfect size for any bag.
    The price is a bit high but I added to my wish list.

  11. These are so cute. I do have a cute Louis coin purse that my DH got me for quarters but still I end up dumping in the bottom of my bag.

  12. Those are cute! But no, no change purse for me. I save all my change and deposit into my savings account a few times a year – those pennies add up.

  13. I love the commes de garcon one!

  14. i love the $100 change purses, i will put $100 in change in all of them!!!

  15. Very nice purses thanks for sharing, I want one, where can I get it ? of course if they don’t cost $ 4000 hahah

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