Let’s Talk About Sex!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending The Body Shop and MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation Say “Yes, Yes, Yes,” To Safe Sex event with Solange Knowles. The press event was held to promote and reinforce the importance of practicing safe sex. Research shows that last year 2.5 million people were infected with HIV; nearly half are ages 15-24.

To help spread the word, The Body Shop is launching an exclusive Tantalizing Lip Butter ($8) in an effort to raise funds for HIV/AIDS awareness ($5 of each butter sold will go towards the foundation). Solange, a spokeswoman for the campaign, was there to answer questions and yours truly asked her if she felt as though recording artists should take more responsibility with their lyrics in regards to practicing safe sex.

Click here to listen to her answer. *I taped it sideways by mistake! lol

Do you think people have become more complacent toward practicing safe sex and the risk of contracting HIV/AIDS? Leave a comment and one lucky reader will win the dragon fruit-flavored lip butter. The winner will be selected randomly and announced tomorrow. Hopefully, every one else will go out and purchase the lip butter and help support the cause. Beauty with a purpose is always good!

Available at www.thebodyshop.com for $8


  1. i will buy one for sure!

  2. well my boyfriend always comments when I wear my old faithful CARMEX. He says, “yuck! you taste like a pharmacy!” to which i reply, “and what, exactly, does a pharmacy taste like?” lol!

  3. I’ve never had a guy comment on lipgloss flavor and have found that most hate the taste of lipstick.

  4. My BF is so consummed with passion he doesn’t notice the taste of my lipstick or gloss….or he’s smart enough not to complain! ahaha As for Solange, I applaud her efforts. She performed at the Rodeo this year and she was fabulous! My daughter (the surly teenager) was out of her seat the entire time Solange was on the stage! Her star power will undoubtedly impact many young lives. Good for Solange for using her voice to entertain as well as educate!

  5. @Everyone – I originally asked the question of whether or not your boyfriend notices when you wear tasty lip glosses and balms. I then decided to change the question, but feel free to answer either question! 🙂

  6. mimieyes says:

    Wow ! nice cause and I love dragon fruit.
    I definitive will buy one.

  7. my boyfriend hates when i wear burt bees chapstick. He always ask me first if i have it on. If i do, he wont kiss me.

  8. kitty vodka says:

    Solange should stop.

    i dont think a lipgloss is gona lead to safe sex. i liked the kenneth cole free condoms in stores and bars campaign. that was much more effective. or not… i never heard a ‘success’ story.

  9. You were tagged on my blog! Check it out!

  10. @KittyVodka – Oh they gave away free condoms yesterday too. Does that count? LOL

  11. kitty vodka says:

    @BGG thats cool but then the lipgloss should really come with a 6 pack. since rubbing lipgloss on a penis wont prevent AIDS

  12. I think that ppl have become a bit more complacent in that if they test negative once, then they don’t feel the need to go back for future tests.

  13. I totally applaud the efforts made there. It is nice to see an organization come up with creative ways to contribute towards AIDS research. I think despite all of the campaigning done to encourage safer sex, a lot people still see themselves as invincible until its too late. Hopefully, the money earned by this promotion will get us that much closer to a cure that much sooner.

  14. People have definitely become complacent with the need for safe sex. The age at which kids are having sex is getting younger and younger. Our generation has to step up and make these kids understand the importance of safe sex. I appluad Solange’s efforts.

  15. Sex is everywhere and in everything, for younger people to discuss sex and how to do it is no longer taboo. People are becoming more and more complacent, because they are not being educated at a younger age. Those stastics are so scary about the ages of those infected by HIV, but I am not surprised, look at who these young adults have to look up to, and the songs they hear on the radio (ex…a song called:Birthday Sex)… It’s so sad but the media is our largest source of info and the kids support these artists who say nothing positive or uplifting in their lyrics. I will definetly support the cause the Body Shop is promoting and purchase the lip gloss and few boxes of condoms and pass them out to my sister and her friends, but I am only one person.
    When will it end?

  16. @Jay – You made some very great points. There are way too many sexually explicit songs on the radio. I think that parents should try to monitor what their kids listen to and watch on TV as much as possible. I know that you can’t be with your child 24/7, but parents need to take more responsibility and teach their kids about sex, as well as keep tabs on what’s playing on their iPods, etc.

  17. @BGG…. That’s my point exactly!! Parents want to leave their kids to explore and find themselves its when they end up as a statistic, these parents wants to take a stand. We have to protect all of our children, by showing them what’s right and what’s wrong from day one!

    Thanks for this post! It just reassures me that my sons will have the “Meanest Mommy on The Planet” in their lives, but they will not be a statistic as long as I can help it, and they will thank me!

  18. nice post & great question to Solange

  19. she looks nice in the pic

  20. I found it a bit funny that a lip gloss used to promote safe sex is named “Tantalizing,” which could mean being a seductive tease or holding something desirable just out of reach. That kinda behavior is part of what got us into this mess, but I digress…

    I agree with Miss Mika, that people often feel invincible regarding the consequences of unsafe sex practices. Even if they hear the message, they often believe that it won’t happen to them. But I do applaud the efforts of Solange and the Body Shop for bringing more attention to the issue and raising money toward a cure.

  21. Kittyvodka is the winner of the lip balm!!! Congrats!

  22. I do think that people have become bit more complacent, I think people think it can’t happen to them.

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