Lip Service

For a lip gloss lover like me, lip palettes are the way to go. Since I tend to blend several colors together to get my ideal hue, finding a compact with several similar shades in one allows me to keep my pucker perfected without the hassle of toting various tubes of gloss. As I’ve written many times before, finding one tube of anything in my purse is a feat, so finding two or three would be nearly impossible!

Do you use lip gloss palettes?

Bobbi Brown Lip Palette available at for $45

Cargo Lip Gloss Quad in Oceania available at for $24

Givenchy All For Lips Palette available at for $32

Smashbox Lip Brilliance available at for $28

Rimmel Underground Striped Gloss Over Palette available at for $6.99

Shimmer Harmony Gloss Palette available at for $12

Avon Lip Palette available at for $4.99


  1. I don’t use palettes because when I first started wearing makeup they didn’t have really have brushes and I didn’t like the idea of sticky fingers. I hadn’t paid much attention to them since. Hm…

  2. i have the sephora harmony one. i dont really like the glosses. most of them dont show up very much and they dont last long. i was using them to freshen up after the gym and b4 class but im not sure how i’ll use them now…

  3. @Sacred Angel – Yes they can be messy if you don’t have a lip brush. I avoid buying the ones that don’t come with the palette.

    I guess for those girl-on-the go touch-ups, tube glosses are more practical. I hate dipping my fingers in gloss too, that’s why the lip brush is soooo important!

  4. BGG you know I’m not a gloss kind of girl but recently my bff convinced me to try MACs lip glass and I like it. I don’t know if a variety of colors would work for me since I’m so habitual. Once I find a color I like I stick with it but the colors you show here are so pretty, it’s tempting. Maybe wearing a different color every day would be fun or mixing colors to get a totally unique color might be nice too. Hmmm I’ll think about it!

  5. kitty vodka says:

    did i inspire u a bit on this one? i do still prefer ones wit ha brush included

  6. I would prefer MAC lip glass. But thanks for the post. Those are some nice colors.

  7. @Kittyvodka – YES!!!! You did inspire for this post!! All that lip gloss talk yesterday! LOL

  8. I am a fan of palettes. VS beauty has a couple of hot ones.

  9. I have and like that smashbox lip palette… but have to say that I am veryyy impressed by almost everything rimmel carries. it’s quality stuff at the drugstore! gotta love it… PS- love the title. so cute BGG!

  10. I used to use palettes back in college but fell back..but that bobbibrown palette is really calling my name…those colors would be great alone or to mix together…!!

  11. I go in and out with them. It’s hard to find one with all the colors you like. And yes it must have the brush.

  12. I’m not too crazy about lip gloss palettes… I’m more of a tube girl

  13. No, they are too much work when I’m on the go. I prefer to just throw on some lipstick and call it a day.

  14. i dont really use lip palettes i noticed, i think b/c a lot of times the colors aren’t as pigmented when they’re in palettes

  15. mimieyes says:

    I love the lip palettes and I used the Bobbi Brown. I love to try the Cargo Lip Gloss Quad.

  16. I love lip gloss, especially with a dramatic eye. I love the CARGO duos. I’m digging the Bobbi Brown one you have listed..hmmmm. As far as MAC is conserned..Dazzleglass is great, regular lip gloss from MAC is too sticky. That sucks.

  17. I use lipgloss palette especially the bobbi brown essential lip palette that you displayed first.. I love love that palette

  18. With the exception of the Avon one, I have all of those, very sad. lol,

  19. I don’t use palletes cause I’m all about the ease of a stick.

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