Long Live the King!

For those of you who didn’t see Michael Jackson’s This Is It while it was in theaters, now you can watch the King of Pop in action in the comfort of your home on DVD and Blu-Ray. The critically-acclaimed compilation of interviews, backstage and concert footage of the late musical legend is available in stores today!

For fellow Michael Jackson fans, I came across an awesome coffee table book entitled, “Michael Jackson: Before He Was King,” by African-American photographer Todd Gray. The book is filled with rare, never-before seen photographs of Jackson taken by his personal photographer (Gray) chronicling his rapid rise to solo superstardom during the late 1970s and early 1980s. This book is the perfect collector’s item for the true MJ fan.

Michael Jackson: Before He Was King available at www.borders.com for $29.95

Did you see the movie? Would you buy the DVD?

One lucky winner will win the book. Just leave a comment and a winner will be selected randomly and announced later this week.


  1. I LOOOVED the movie and I would love to have that book! I am a HUGE MJ fan!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Just looking at the book cover makes me smile. He was so awkwardly cute and then that glitter Rock With You outfit took his awesome levels up 1000 notches

  3. This movie is absolutely being added to the DVD collection! Seeing the movie was like being at his concert… I was dancing and singing in my seat. One of the most memorable movie experiences I’ve ever had.

  4. I didn’t get a chance to see the movie but I know I will watch the DVD.
    I hope you and baby BGG are doing well.

  5. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I am going to. I would love the book too.

    Hope you and the baby are doing well.

  6. Long live the King! I AM a MJ fan forever. Love the movie-sure to enjoy the book.

  7. I’m not sure if I would watch the movie. I’m sort of iffy about it. If it was something that we meant to broadcast then ok; however, I can also see how the family wanted all his fans who planned to go to the concert to see what he had planned. Now about that book, I thought MJ was HOT back in his Thriller days!

  8. I didn’t see the movie, but would love to read more about the King of Pop. We love you Michael! <3

  9. How did I miss this book!! I sooo want! Out to get the DVD as well;-)

  10. Happy that you’re doing something on Michael!
    We ought a lot to him. He has made me smile, cry and sweat…
    Great book and great movie.

  11. Yes! I was waiting on the DVD..couldn’t handle the crowds and the foolishness! Sounds like a great book too….who doesn’t love looking at pics of dead stars. It’s just fascinating…admit it!

  12. I definitely ran to see the movie b/c I thought it wasn’t going to be on DVD. I’m still going to buy it though. I love me some Mike!

  13. Awesome… I definitely wants this in my collection (book/dvd) A must have!

  14. I would love to add this book to my collection. I saw the movie in the theater and was mesmorized. That concert would have been the best ever hands down! The part with the dancers on the scaffolds in the background..are you serious!!! Loved it and am making my way to buy the dvd!

  15. the movie was good.

  16. Hey, just stumbled across your site while looking for short hair accessories… and now I’m reading from most recent to backward to catch up.

    I haven’t seen the movie yet- I think it’d be kinda sad (for me). He looked very happy in the second photo though.

  17. I love Michael Jackson!!!!!!

  18. I haven’t seen the movie yet. I’ll watch on DVD, but I don’t plan to purchase it. We’ll see though!

    Can’t wait to see more pic of Baby Girl!!

  19. I just received my This Is It DVD in the mail today and can’t wait to experience it! The book looks like a definite collector’s item!

  20. Good movie. Would love the book. I’m sure there are some great photos.

  21. i bought that movie the day it came out. we dont play that in my house, lol

  22. oh i wish i entered…oh well i still had fun going to the movie with u!

  23. I have this on dvd, just haven’t had the time to watch it yet.

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