Love-Inspired Lingerie

With Valentine’s Day on Saturday, it’s the perfect time to stock up on lingerie. Many stores offer great deals on pretty undergarments and sexy sets that aren’t always available during the rest of the year. Whether you want to slip into a seductive slip for your significant other or something frilly just to make you feel good, buying intimate apparel is always fun!

Do you acknowledge Valentine’s Day or do you see it as being a pointless Hallmark holiday?

Check out some of these lovely lingerie items:

Freya Bella Plunge Bra ($58) & Thong ($36) available at

Silk Chiffon Ruffle Thong available at 3 for $30

DKNY Lace Allure Underwire Bra ($35) and Lace Thong ($29) available at

Avril Chemise available at for $49

Honey Dew Intimates Print Boy Shorts available at for $14

Satin Slip available at for $42

Plunge Demi Bra and Skirt Thong available at (check website for pricing)


  1. Which one will you be wearing to put a smile on hubby’s face?

  2. I like Valentine’s Day but I would prefer not to reeive anything. Primarily due to the cost of everything being tripled! A candlelight dinner is all that I need. My husband loves lingerie but I have to be in a VERY good mood to wear it.

  3. Great post. A girl can never have too much lingerie!

  4. shopoholic says:

    ohh These are so pretty!

  5. me love polka dots

  6. I can’t stand Valentine’s Day. Feels too “forced” for me. I tell my husband not to get me anything, and I mean it.

  7. kitty vodka says:

    totally hallmark but i do like the lovely lace

  8. i like v day…not for the presents but to spend quality time with the one you love 🙂

  9. Although pink is not my favorite color I do love the Victoria Secret and the DKNY Lace Allure.
    Happy Valentine!!!

  10. @Ondo Lady – I actually want them all! LOL I love pink so if I get anything that color, I’ll be happy. Although my hubby doesn’t really do the V-Day thing.

  11. soooooooo pretty. i love the vicki panties!

  12. nice post. i might pick up number 3for my wife

  13. BGG, I have a sweety but I don’t do Valentine’s Day. I love a day set aside for ‘love’ but every day is a day for love in my world. Oh but I will be buying something HOT and SEXY…not for the day but just because I love lingerie!! Great pics!

  14. I love Valentine’s Day, it means I get 2 special nights with my man. Everything is so expensive on the actual day that we spend it at home watching a movie and ordering takeout and we have a special dinner another night. It’s a great excuse to say I love you to the one you love.

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