It’s About Time!

For all you BGs who use your cellphones as watches, you’re going to change your minds after checking out the following timepieces! I must admit, I hadn’t worn a watch in a while, but I got tired of trying to find my cellphone in the abyss that is my purse, every time I needed to know the time. So, I recently bought a two-tone watch that is semi-dressy, but yet still very practical. From slender feminine styles, to bulky oversized “boyfriend” trends, the variety of watch styles are endless.

Do you wear watches or do you use your cellphone instead?

Check out some of these:

Toy Watch Citrine Plasteramic Watch available at for $195

Fossil Analog Watch available at for $85

Fossil Pink Dial Watch available at for $65

AK Anne Klein White Dial Two-Tone Watch available at for $55

Marc by Marc Jacobs Round-Dial Leather Watch available at for $125

“Outside the Box” Watch available at for $49.99

Oversized Chronograph Watch in Silver & Gold available at for $250

Burberry Studded Timepiece available at for $495

Skagen Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch available at for $130


  1. great post! i recently felt the same way!! i got tired of holding my cell phone in my hand all of the time! during my AM and PM commutes the minutes are crucial.. i finally got a watch!

  2. I always wear a watch. I have a tiny wrist (but a fat ass), so I get smaller ones.

    Cellphones? Mine are usually on silent in the bottom of my purse.

  3. BGG, you are so funny! I never tire of looking for my cell phone cause it’s always close by! I have never been a watch and I don’t really know why BUT I must say the ones you show here are so adorable, they tempt me. I love the Marc Jacobs one….how self centered of him…love it! I also love the out of the box one and the studded one. They really are more like accessories …that happen to tell you the time! I want one!

  4. I love the fun yellow watch. I wear my watch all the time. A stainless steele Swiss Army. I feel naked without it. I can’t go hunting for my cell when I want to know the time. I’d always be late. My dream is a Cartier tank

  5. I always wear a watch. I’m loving the Burberry one. I hardly ever look at my cellphone.

  6. mimieyes says:

    I’m an old fashion I always wear a watch. I love the Burberry but I don’t care for gold.
    I have an old Skagen and I love it.

  7. i adore oversized watches… oh and i want that yellow watch! love it!

  8. kitty vodka says:

    hmmmmmmm ur right i do need a watch but sometimes i just rather not know what time it is. love the fossil ones though.

  9. I haven’t worn a watch in years! The last watch I had was a really nice Skagen watch that my sister gave me, but once the battery went out that was it. I’ve been using my cell phone ever since. I like the Skagen that you posted…maybe it’s finally time for me to get a new one.

  10. I love watches. I wear mines everyday. I need to buy different looks though to go with different outfits.

    I am guilty though of using my cell phone for the time, even when I realize I have my watch on my wrist.Weird habit.

  11. Hey BGG!, I haven’t wore a watch since highschool, so it was great to see the watches you picked out for the post. The Fossil Pink Dial Watch is my favorite.

  12. You are so right. I have just changed my mind. I find that wearing a watch makes me anal about time though. I check my phone so much already. LOL!

    I love the Marc Jacobs watch and if my eyes aren’t deceving me that $125 price tag is not bad. I have a bday coming up… I might treat myself.

  13. oh gosh i know the feeling of digging for the cell phone…i hardly wear any jewelry except my promise ring and a watch usually fits in that category

  14. I want a yellow watch!!

  15. Great post. Wonderful watch pictures. I used to collect watches until I started carrying a cell phone :o)

  16. I’m a cell phone gal now, but if I had to wear a watch, it would be the outside the box one…cute

  17. You are right! I haven’t wore a watch in ages, but after taking a look at the Marc Jacobs number…I may have to reconsider!

  18. i wear a nice watch when i go out but most of the time i use my cell phone

  19. I’ve always worn watches. Brand of choice: Kenneth Cole. I own a lot of male KC watches as I like the wider bands and bigger faces.

  20. How come no digital watches. All of these are pretty but I’m a digital lover!

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