Miss Jessie’s to Open “CurlBar” in March

Calling all curly-haired BGs in the NYC area, Miss Jessie’s is opening CurlBar next month – the first go-to spot specializing in kinky, curly, and coily strands without the sky-high price tag. At Curl-Bar, customers will be able to get super quick chemical-free service that my fellow naturalistas will absolutely love.

Ideal for the woman who doesn’t want to spend hours in the salon, but doesn’t want to compromise the style or health of her treasured tresses.

I’m a huge fan of some of their products so I’ll definitely give the CurlBar a try when it officially opens March 12.

Check out this snapshot of services:

Do you use Miss Jessie’s products? Would you visit the CurlBar?


  1. Very interesting! But these prices still don’t compete with my $10 doobie 🙂

  2. these prices seem high to me; so no i wont be visiting…50 for a WNG – that makes absolutely no sense.

  3. @TheAntiHairSlave & Nylse – It’s been so long since I’ve gone to a salon, I don’t know what they charge these days. I do know that the last time I did go, which was years ago it was $110 for a wash and blow. Maybe I’ve been paying way too much! ahahah

  4. @AntiHairSlave – $10?!?!?!!!?!? R u serious??? Email me where you go! Not kidding!

  5. $50 for a wash n go??? I’m not sure I’d pay these prices except for the twists.

  6. $50 for Wash and Go. $100 for a flat iron? Uuuh. No. And I live in Chicago where things are not cheap. I know NYC is expensive, but these prices are a bit ridiculous. I’m sure New Yorkers can find a better deal than this.

  7. I guess the prices are high because it’s hard handling these coils! And no one understands that until you are in your bathroom trying to fight with your own beautiful natural hair. I’d pay them for it gladly!!!

  8. Wow. Those are special occasion prices to me. I’m locked, and not a loose natural, but I can’t see paying those prices on a semi-regular basis.

  9. Good idea-prices are OUT of control! You can probably get flat ironed at a Dominican spot for half the price. Will be interesting to see how they do.

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