Must-Have Holiday Hair Accessories!

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s a great idea to add a festive flair to your tresses with super cute hair accessories! From grown-up sparkly rhinestone barrettes to head-turning headbands, these hair ornaments will take your hair from flat to festive in seconds!

Would you wear hair adornments this holiday season?

Check out some of these:

Crystal Patch Headband available at for $19.50

Adornment Bobby Pins available at for $3.80

Double Metallic Embellishment Headband available at for $19.50

Juicy Couture Sequin Stone Hair Clips available at for $55

Ropy Headband available at for $32

Rhinestone Barrettes available at for $6.90

Rhinestone Cluster Headband available at for $3.99

Tasha “Funfetti” Headband available at for $28


  1. headbands and stuff are so cute but i get a headache whenever i wear them. i only wear them if i’ll only b out a couple or hours.

  2. I love pretty headbands but they do tend to squeeze a bit too tight. I have to constantly readjust them but sometimes beauty hurts! Oh well!

  3. These are all so cute!

  4. if there were only parties to attend….

  5. yes, i would wear one!

  6. Very cute and festive. Thanks.

  7. I love the pins. The headbands are cute but my hair is really thick. When I wear it straight I try headbands but they are too tight, pop off my head and get stuck on some hair strands or simply break. So I have to perserve the cuteness for some other accessories 🙂

    Great post!


  8. That ropy headband is so chich

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