My Boyfriend’s Back!

This spring designers have brought back the popular 90s-style boyfriend jeans. Frays, rips, and rolled up hems create a comfortable, laid-back look that’s a huge hit with Hollywood starlets and fashionistas from coast to coast. Although this worn-in look has been seen before, it still manages to stay fresh!

Would you wear boyfriend jeans? What’s your favorite jean style?

Medium Wash Boyfriend Jean available at for $89

J Brand Boyfriend Jean in Vida Wash available at for $275

Bebe Distressed Boyfriend Jean available at for $129

Levi’s Boyfriend Jean available at for $248

Martin & Osa Selvedge Boyfriend Jeans available at for $110

BDG Boyfriend Patchwork Jeans available at for $29.99

ZCD Destructed Boyfriend Boot Cut Jeans available at for $48


  1. BGG, I hate to tell you but I didn’t know they had ever gone out of style! In other words, hell yea I’ll wear them cause I never stopped! I love this look and it’s comfortable on top of it all. Perfect for riding my HOG! Seriously, people pay over $200 for jeans…I’m stunned shocked and amazed. I thought we all loved jeans partially because of their affordability! I guess that’s affordable for somebody. HOLLA!

  2. I don’t know about Boyfriend Jeans, BGG. They look a little too rugged for me and even when I look like a hippie….I can’t get down with torn up jeans. I’ll stick with my skinny leg and glam bootcut! Happy Mondayyy!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    BGG, My first pair of jeans were my boyfriend and after that I fell in love with jeans.
    But now I don’t think I can wear mens jeans.
    I love the cuts and the fits in new jeans now.

  4. mimieyes says:

    BGG, my first pair of jeans were my boyfriend and after that I fell in love with jeans.
    But now I don’t think I can wear mens jeans.
    I love the cuts and styles of new jeans now.

  5. I’m a bootcut gal all the way. Straight jeans area cool too.
    Boyfriend jeans can be ok if they are not torn.

  6. kitty vodka says:

    i once put on my boyfriend’s jeans and realized he has a smaller waist 🙁 damn all men and their fast metabolisms!!

  7. Nah, I’m going to let this one pass me by – again.

  8. I’m not going to be able to do that one. I like my jeans polished… designer, so long they’re damn near hitting the ground amd with a sharp crease in the middle. I’m one of those people who pays a lot for jeans (or hits up Nordstrom Rack, either way). I’m not about to cut up a $150 pair of jean. Not gonna happen!

  9. I must say, bf jeans are not my fave style,but I may try them this spring just for versatility. For my body type, skinny and bootcut are the most flattering.I used to wear bf-style in high school when the baggy look was in.

  10. I don’t know if my current figure could pull them off. Years ago skinny, yes.

  11. I always wear boyfriend jeans. I just love them.

  12. I also love bootcut and wide leg :o)

  13. I love this look..its all me..I rocked it friday with a j crew jacket, white tee, and heels..and was actually cute if i do say so myself (toot, toot)

  14. thats such a cute look, especially for those with longer legs. i wonder if i could pull it off with some heels.

  15. Loved ’em the first time around, love them now. Mine are J. Crew.

  16. I’m not with it. The rolled up cuff look needs to stay in the 90s. *Shudders at the fact that I used to rock that style* lol

  17. You know, I am not sure if I could rock the boyfriend jeans, but the shoes in a lot of those pictures were FIERCE!!! My goodness!!! I will take a pair of each!!!

  18. @Miss Mika – I agree!! Those shoes are too cute!! 🙂

  19. not flattering on my body! i have to do either bootcut or straight leg!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this style of jeans. I like the cut up/torn look, but just not the fit of them. I prefer fit and flare jeans and maybe bootcut.

  21. Not in love with this look ;o(

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