A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of catching a press screening of the upcoming film, Notorious. This biopic based on the life of the late rapper, Christopher Wallace better known as the “Notorious B.I.G” or “Biggie Smalls” gives viewers a glimpse into the world of the legendary lyricist from his rise to fame until his untimely death.

Most of the actors do an excellent job portraying their famous characters, especially breakout star Jamal Woolard who plays Biggie. However, Derek Luke as “Puff Daddy” (his moniker back then) wasn’t exactly what I was expecting – I guess Puff’s unique swagger just can’t be copied.

Overall, it was a respectable movie that I’m sure hip-hop fans and moviegoers around the world will enjoy; it’s just too bad Biggie isn’t here to witness it.

Do you plan on seeing, Notorious? Were you a fan of his music? If so, what is your favorite song by him?

Check out the trailer:

In theaters nationwide on Friday, January 16th!

P.S For those readers in NYC, did you notice how the Union Square – 14th Street train station is like a huge billboard for the movie!! LOL


  1. I’m looking forward to this movie. I was a big fan of Biggie back in the 90’s.

  2. hey BGG!!! Happy New Year!!!

    I will be the first in line to see this movie. I’m a HUGE fan of Biggie!!!

  3. I think I will be one of the few that have no desire to see this movie. I was never really a big fan of his. But for those that do go, I hope it is everything that you hope it to be!

  4. Let me say my blog name should have been “I love Hip Hop”…God knows I do (color purple saying)…Anyway…I cant wait. I was a hugh Biggie and Tupac fan. I still play his music and actually I battle rap my 8 year old son to a Biggie song that I said I was gonna youtube because he learned the whole song. Its sunny how a he embrassed my love for Biggie and Tupac because he cant truly know the meaning of hiphop as I do because whats out today is not what I was jammin when I in High School. I will be watching the movie with my entire family. I was pregnant with my first child when Biggie died so I will never forget. And I remember how bad Faith had it…man the 90’s (this was to long, sorry)

  5. Can you believe I didn’t know who he was until he passed? Very sad. There wasn’t any hip hop in my house and I was young when he was popular so I don’t remember him. Even now….don’t know much of his music. So I think I’ll pass on the movie.

  6. I was a Biggie fan being a Harlem girl how can I not be? My kids really want to see the movie too.

  7. Thanks for the review. I’m looking forward to see it.
    You know I’m a big fan of Angela Bassett !!!!!

  8. I’m CERTAINLY looking forward to this movie, just not looking forward to being in the movie theatre to see it… I can imagine it’ll be filled with young kids and their cell phones :-/
    Fav song: “Sky is the Limit” (although Ready to die AND Life after death are my favorite albums)

  9. this looks interesting…but i’ll probably wait for this on dvd

  10. I am going to go see it. I saw the Tupac documentary, so I gotta show Biggie love too. Plus I want to see how they play up the Lil Kim vs. Faith stuff.

    I am a fan of Big, but not because I think he’s the greatest. Just because his songs take me back to grammar school.

    Yes, we were in the 7th grade talkin’ ’bout “I love it when you call me big POP-PA!

  11. BGG, I’m sure the movie will be a big hit, however, I do not plan on seeing it because I cannot betray my man Tupac like that! On the other hand, I feel the need to support my man Diddy! Decisions decisions decisions!

  12. I have no desire to see this movie. I liked his music, but I don’t think that it was so great to call him the greatest rapper of all time, which is what nearly everyone is saying when they talk about the movie. Although, I LOVE Derek Luke, I knew that him portraying Diddy wasn’t going to be good. Thanks for the post.

  13. I’m not a big hip-hop fan, but I like T said, Biggie and Tupac are just so nostalgic!! I used to have an unhealthy and scary obsession with Tupac back in the day and Biggie was definitely not my fave, but the movie is interesting!

    @B – How old are you??? I can’t believe you had never heard of Biggie until he died. Wow!

  14. yes i’ve been under a rock so i didnt realize that derrek luke was playing puffy.. umm? not a wise casting choice..?

    biggie’s mom said that the actress who plays little kim did a dead-on job ….

  15. Funny…I was just discussing the film with my husband. While we don’t plan on going to the movies to see it, I will certainly catch it when it’s released for rent on DVD. In high school I used to like Biggie’s style and flow, but I would not consider myself a fan.

  16. kitty vodka says:

    i saw them putting up the poster at 14th st one morning. and yea i will def check it out….growing up in brooklyn everyone listened to biggie, especially in my JHS.

  17. cannot wait to see this movie!

    fav song is Juicy.

  18. Warning is my favorite Biggie song, next to Hypnotized and Juicy which both tie in my book…

    I am getting with a large group of friends to have drinks before the film, the whole 9…can’t wait…

  19. I dont think I’m going to see it… in the theaters that is… I know so many people that were extras in this film that I feel like I already shot it. Never a really huge big fan… 2pac all the way. But I did respect his grind and his unique voice. Fav song…I dont really have one… I liked a lot of his songs but my fav video was probably One More Chance remix.

    I just think I’m kind of Biggie’d out. They have been shooting and talking about this movie forever now. Then I watched the documentary that BET aired this week… so I have no desire to be involved in anything Notorious for the time being. Maybe I will catch it on bootleg though.

    And I’m still mad about Anthony Mackie playing Pac.

  20. i saw the notorious movie last night and it was good. i like both albums.

  21. I remember Biggie and Tupac very clearly but I had no idea they were making a movie about the Notorious one. I admit I did laugh when I found out as I was expecting some low rent project but the trailer looks damm good. They have really glammed it up and it is as far from the Tupac doc as you can expect. I hated the Tupac doc but then I am not a fan of Nick Broomfield who directed it. This film looks really good and I will go and see it. That lady who plays Faith is a dead ringer for her. I am shocked to see Derek Luke here as I had him pegged for better things but maybe he needs the money. There is a credit crunch after all.

  22. I didn’t even know about this movie… will have to check it out!

    Thankss BGGGGG

  23. @Eb – I think I’m officially Biggie’d out too! LOL

  24. I saw “Notorious” yesterday evening and I wasn’t impressed! What don’t we already know about his life? I could have directed this film based off of what I knew from the media. -Spoiler Alert- It would make a great soft porn movie LOL Don’t take kids!

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