“Ooh” for Oobees!

Now that I’m spending most of my days inside with Baby BGG – staying comfortable is essential. That’s why Oobee slippers have become one of my newest favorite things!! I have several pairs of slippers, but these are by far the most plush and comfortable! Obviously, they can be worn inside, but believe it or not, they are designed to be worn outside too! Oobee slippers are made with a thick rubber sole that can bear the elements for girls and women on-the-go.

I would never wear slippers outdoors, but for a quick run to the mailbox or to take out the trash, perhaps they would come in handy.

Oobees slippers available at www.oobees.com for $29.95

Are you a fan of slippers or do you go barefoot in your home?

**One lucky reader will win a pair. Simply leave a comment and a winner will be selected randomly and announced later this week!


  1. how cute! I like how you can wear them outside

  2. we had carpeting in our previous home that I loved, now we have hardwood and freezing cold tile 🙁 I’ve been rocking a $3 pair of walmart slippers for going on 5 yrs and since I’m about to deliver baby #2 I guess it’s time for a new pair *hint, hint* I’d totally wear them to the mailbox or to take the trash to the curb.

  3. I have been looking for a sturdy slipper and this looks like a winner.

  4. They have a bit more oomph than the UGG slipper and the price is right too!

  5. Those are uber cute!!!

  6. I love these, especially wearing them outside. I would definitely love to have these.

  7. I am in the market for a new pair of slippers! I’ll check these out.

  8. my mom fusses, fusses, fusses, but i’m such a barefoot girl. plus my puppy uses anything that is on the floor too long as toys!

  9. indeed they’re very cute. Great present idea.

  10. i’d been wearing my polo slides around the house but this december i got myself some actual purple slippers. for christmas, my parents got me a cozy red rob and it came with some red slippers too. i’ll go back to the slides in the summer but for the winter, i love comfy slippes.

  11. yes! perfect for taking the garbage out!

  12. I love these! so cute

  13. I love slippers. I have all tile flooring so its a must that wear them while walking around in my home. I’ve never seen slippers actually meant for indoors and out…these are cool

  14. I love the style and they look so comfy.

  15. cute slippers

  16. i love fuzzy slippers…i have a pair at the office.

  17. I love slippers. Those look super comfy and plush.

  18. I have new Apartment and wood floors and these slippers will love to have to protect my feet wend walking around my new place until I cant afford to rug it

  19. They look so comfortable!!! I need those in my life….

  20. love them….pick me, pick me, pick me!!!!

  21. *drooling* They look so comfortable! I’d love to win these!

  22. Ooh, I like!!!

  23. Congrats on your new baby! I love those slippers they look super comfy

  24. Cute. I’d rather be barefoot but it’s been too cold lately. Big hugs to you and Baby BG!

  25. Hey BGG
    I hope you and babg BGG are well.
    These slippers look very comfy!

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  27. I have a few pairs of slippers but always resign to going barefoot.. sometimes I may wear socks, but they always come off before I ot ot bed!

  28. Those look warm and cozy. I like wearing slippers at home keeps my feet warm.

  29. Just what I need. Super cute, comfy and versatile.

  30. OMG they are too cute!! And I sill haven’t had the chance to say Congrats on the lil one so Congratulations lady!!!

  31. As a southern girl I’d rather go barefooted, BUT livein in MD doesn’t alway provide me with that luxury. Our house rule is ‘slippers’ all the time..since I have kids. Pick me, pike ME!!

  32. This contest is over. The winner of the Oobees slippers was Blair. Thanks to all for leaving a comment! 🙂

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