Post Halloween Candy Tips for Parents

My family and I had a fantastic Halloween! The fact that MJ was old enough to partake in the festivities made for a frightfully fun night out.

Ava was a wicked witch, while MJ was Alvin from “Alvin & the Chipmunks,” my favorite cartoon of all time. The weather was perfect so they had a blast trick-or-treating up and down the blocks for about two hours. Their pumpkin-shaped buckets were filled to the brim with sweet treats. From mini chocolate bars to fun size gummy bears, they scored TONS of candy!

On Halloween night I allowed them to pick three pieces of candy of their choosing, which was fine. But now, they’re asking for it every day! As parents, we know that they can’t consume too many sugary goodies on a daily basis. But, if you do let them indulge, at least know the healthier options.

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I made MJ’s costume by putting yellow tape on a red turtleneck and cap. Oh, and Ava’s wearing one of my dresses!

So, here are a few tricks that I’ve learned throughout the years to get through the post-Halloween treats:

*Choose chocolate – If you’re going to give your child candy, opt for chocolate instead. Super chewy and gummy candies get stuck in teeth and are cavity culprits.

*Avoid sour candies – The acidity of sour candies can eat away at teeth’s enamel, causing painful sensitivity and of course cavities.

*Set Boundaries – Limit their treats to the weekends. Let your little one know that too much sugar on a daily basis can wreak havoc on their overall health.

*Out of Sight, Out of Mind – After Halloween, put the candy away in a high cabinet or tuck it away in a pantry. If they don’t see the candy, they will soon forget about it.

 Did your little ones go trick-or-treating this year?

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