Prevent Chapped Lips with L’Occitane

I usually don’t suffer from chapped lips, but so far this season my lips have been drier than the Sahara Desert! Luckily, I have an arsenal of treatments to slather on my lips when they’re in need of TLC.

Balms are great at keeping lips moist and supple throughout cold-weather season, but sometimes certain brands leave behind that icky white residue. That’s why I’ve been obsessing over L’Occitane’s Limited Edition Mango Flower Lip Balm for the past few days. It’s chock full of natural ingredients such as organic shea and mango butters. Plus, it manages to hydrate and soothe my lips without creating that nasty film that gathers in the creases. Its non-sticky formula makes it stand out from so many others that I’ve tested.

If you’re on the market for a bomb lip balm, this is by far one of my faves!

L’Occitane Shea Butter Mango Flower Lip Balm available here; $12

What do you use to prevent chapped lips?

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