Product Review: Caress Forever Collection Body Washes

When it comes to cleansing, I’m all about body washes. It’s something about a rich lather that turns shower time into a relaxing experience for me.

That’s why I’m currently obsessed with Caress’ new line of cleansers. Launched last month, the Forever Collection is taking body washes to a new level. Available in two scents: Love Forever (a mix or dark berries and scarlet roses) and Adore Forever (a mix of vanilla, honey and roses), these cleansers are the first perfume-infused body washes to release a fragrance with every touch.

caress-forever-collectionCaress Forever Collection body washes available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide, $3.99

Thanks to the technology of Caress Fragrance Release Pearls, skin is treated to a subtle scent that lasts well beyond the shower. I usually buy body washes that are more on the sweet side, but these floral notes are not overpowering and actually quite nice.

Aside from the refreshing long-lasting (up to 12 hours!) fragrance, the body washes thoroughly cleanse without drying out skin. Plus, the packaging is just so darn pretty. The sleek black bottle exudes a luxe feel that you typically don’t find with drugstore brands.

If body washes are your go-to cleansers, give these a try— you won’t be disappointed.

Do you prefer sweet, citrusy or floral scented body washes?


  1. emmjaepenniman says:

    I have seen these body washes in Target and the packaging is so pretty. I’m more of a sweet scent person by about 2percent over floral. For this new Caress line I look forward to trying them both.☺

  2. Thanks for the recommendation!
    I’m looking forward to try them.

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