Quench Winter-Ridden Skin

With one of the coldest, snowiest winters on record in recent years, my skin has fallen victim to the harsh conditions.

Applying thick creams and luxe lotions usually do the trick, but this Polar Vortex has my skin begging for more moisture. Good thing I discovered Jergens Shea Beauty Oil.

This lightweight oil is my new go-to for tackling dry, winter-ridden skin. It conditions and seals in moisture leaving behind a non-greasy sheen. I put it on immediately after showering and let it soak in before leaving the bathroom. After a minute or two, my skin feels soft and virtually glows with hydration. Plus, the easy spray bottle prevents messy spills and leaks.

If your skin could use some TLC thanks to this woeful winter, then this oil a must-have.

JergensJergens Shea Beauty Oil (5 oz) available here, $9

What products are you using to keep skin hydrated this winter?

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