Review: Evenflo Classic Glass Feeding Bottle Featuring Proflow

I must admit, I hardly use bottles to feed my 6 1/2 month-old-son.

Yep, I’m one of those moms who breastfeeds on demand all day, everyday. It’s easy for me and my son loves the comfort and nourishment that it provides. However, when my outfit or a particular public location or outing isn’t conducive to breastfeeding, Evenflo’s new bottle line with Proflow vented nipples has been my substitute.


Evenflo Classic + Vented Bottles with Proflow Vented Nipples (trio of 8 oz) available exclusively at Babies R Us, $9.99

I prefer the classic glass option because it cuts down on germs and mold that can creep in with plastic ones. Plus, with the Proflow innovation, the vented nipples direct those dreaded air bubbles straight into the bottle instead of my son’s stomach, reducing gassy fussiness.

Being a second-time mom, I’ve never found a bottle and nipple that my children actually like as much as the “real thing.” My firstborn used bottles a lot more frequently than my son, so I’ve tried a wide variety. The classic glass ProFlow doesn’t leak either, which is a true bonus. And, since we moms are always short on time, the one-piece nipple eliminates extra dish duty.

If you’re on the hunt for a good glass bottle, give the new Evenflo ones with Proflow nipples  a go!

Do you prefer glass or plastic bottles?


  1. Remind me about these when the time is right! 🙂

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