Skirting Around Style!

Don’t let spring/summer pass you by without sporting a stylish skirt. Showing off your gams in a gorgeous mini or a sexy, silky skirt will surely get you noticed. Mix and match with fashionable tops, tanks and cardigans for endless options that are sure to please.

What’s your favorite skirt style? A-line, pleated, ruffled, mini, etc?

Check out some of these:

City Stretchy Silky Pleated Wrap Skirt available at for $34.95

Walter Water Color Plaid Skirt available at for $112.80

Cotton Sateen Gateau Skirt available at for $59.99

Inverted Pleated Skirt available at for $64.95

Pleated Full Skirt available at for $231

Wes Callie Pencil Skirt available at for $69.99


  1. I love A-line classic skirts! I’ll also rock a mini every now and then!

  2. i love the colorful walter one!

  3. Shopaholic says:

    I love the first one!!!

  4. mimieyes says:

    I love all of them. But my favorite is Wes Callie Pencil skirt.

  5. BGG, good question….I don’t know what type of skirt I like anymore because I’m at an age where I can’t just pick one and go with it. Nowadays I have to really study the cut, the patterns, the color, the length. Dahum! Getting old(er) sucks! That being said, my eyes love them all but my body says stick with the boyfriend jeans! Oh but back in the day….!!

  6. I totally love skirts. I brought 3 of them with me on my trip to NYC and couldn’t wear not one. It’s too cold there!

  7. For some reason I am starting to like the style of that first skirt.
    I love skirts.

  8. I like a pencil skirt best b/c I have great curves, which I enjoy accenting!

    However, when it comes to dresses, then I often wear a fuller skirt (b.c. I need smaller sizes to fit me well in the wasit/top), which are a bit more forgiving.

    I’m not so much a fan of a mini, though.

  9. i just bought a skirt for $17 from wet seal. it’s floral w/ a black background. i dont normally wear skirts but i decided to give it a try this summer. i think i’ll wear it 2morrow.

  10. I am a huge fan of skirts, and now that the weather seems pretty consistant, I find myself wearing them a lot lately. I am a big fan of pencil skirts. They are professional and sexy at the same time. I do like that Urban Outfitters skirt… love the tie around the waist.

  11. I usually wear a line skirts but i’m loving the pleated wrap skirt

  12. kitty vodka says:

    i prefer dresses cuz they are a one piece!!

  13. Hey K-Bear, I think the pencil skirts are for every age! I think you would love the cut of the skirt and you can denium and dress it up or down!

  14. I hate the way I look in skirts, but if I had to choose it would be the watercolored one.

  15. I’m not a huge fan of skirts. I’m trying to wear them more often, but I’m still a dress fanatic! LOL

  16. KBL, I tried the pencil skirt and my co-worker told me not to wear it again. And no, we are not cool like that, she just felt the need to tell me the truth. Dahum!

  17. You know, I don’t really do skirts for some reason, but the last pink one is too cute!

  18. I love them all!

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