Star Studded

No longer are studs reserved for biker babes or the bad girls’ club. This season you’re sure to find super chic handbags with grommets and studs that will create a fun and edgy look without looking too hardcore.

Handbags are a great way to change up your style from time to time. Go ahead, let out your inner rock star with a studded purse or wallet. If you aren’t up for the trend, it could make a great gift for your fashion-forward friend or sister!

Would you wear a studded handbag? Check out some of these:

Tory Burch Studded Satchel available at for $394.90

Donna Karan Messenger Luxe Studded Leather Bag available at for $1,195.00

Kenneth Cole Studding on French Purse available at for $78

Large Studded Wallet available at for $35

Leather Studded Cross-Body Bag available at for $55

Be & D Garbo Studded Lambskin Pouchette available at for $95

Leather Studded Clutch available at for $125

Steven by Steve Madden Stud Muffin Purse available at for $198

Studded Flap Clutch available at for $27.65

Tory Burch Utility Hobo available at for $450


  1. Yes, I’d definitely wear a studded handbag. I love the Tory Burch & Steve Madden bags. Very nice!

  2. i dont think i have anything studded. the only thing i had was this purse i used to play w/ when i was little. it was my sister’s and im pretty sure my mother wore it at some point two. it was denim w/ studs, jewels and rhinstones. now that i think of it, that ugly thing had the nerve to also have tassles. it must have only been my sister’s in the 80s. wow…probably why i dont like studs now.

  3. I don’t like anything studded that is until i find something that catches my eye.

  4. I dig the pouchette!

  5. I want ALL of them. You know it’s the MJ in me! 🙂

  6. BGG, you mean I can finally throw away my Bedazzler! I love studs and rhinestones and by hook or by crook I must own that red purse! Loves it!

  7. omg i love them all

  8. i love the white handbag 😡

  9. Dear Santa: I want the Steve Madden Stud Muffin bag.
    Thank you I’ll added to my wish list.

  10. nice post!

  11. nice post!

  12. Darn I like the Tory Burch the best. Cha ching.

  13. love them but they make the actual bag way heavier than it is 🙁

  14. I can believe that we have to pay for a bag $394.90.
    I think that those bags are so beautiful but are so expensive to me.I need to save more money if I want to buy onr.

  15. Those are beautiful products, all of the items are incredible, and the price is very accessible.

  16. well is time to hide this site from my girl, if she discover and look this images, I will end with a empty wallet jajaja.

  17. the post is so cool, my wife ended with a smile in her face after see all the designs, and I ended with some number less in my bank account jajajajaja.

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