Stylish Strands for Spring!

A few celebrity styles that I admire. Click photo to enlarge.

When it comes to hair, I’m the simplest girl around. If I’m not wearing it straight (hence all of my flat iron posts) and down, it’s in a classic, chic bun or in a pumped up ponytail. I admit, I’m not that adventurous when it comes to my tresses. In fact, many people would consider it to be downright boring! So this spring, I’m trying to get up the nerve to do something a bit cutting edge, but not too drastic.

How do you wear your hair? Natural, short, relaxed, curly? What celebrity styles do you admire? Will you be rocking a new do this spring?


  1. I wear my hair naturally curly, and get it professionally blow dried & flat ironed for a sleeker, longer look. It’s a dramatic change for me when switching from curly to straight and gives me the versatility to change my look up. I started with shoulder-length hair then went for the big chop in October when I decided I needed a change and wanted the Rihanna cut finally.

  2. my hair is natural but i usually wear it pressed straight (courtesy of my stylist). i cut it into a chin length bob last summer but it’s grown out…when i want to do something wild i wet it, put it in two strand twists, and when it dries i open the twists and have a crazy curly afro (loVe!).

    i’ve wanted to do a short cut a la rhianna for years but i’m too chicken. maybe this spring/summer will be the time!

  3. Over the years I have had many many hairstyles and spent many many hours in the hairdressers. Now I either have long twists, or afro kinky twists or Ghana weave. Occasionally I have a straight weave which is cool as I just use my irons and I am ready to go.

  4. I’m short and relaxed. Mostly flat to my head. So easy.

  5. A baby loc’ rocker over here. I hope my locs become more mature over the summer so that I can sport some new color! I also love loc adornments/flowers/scarves for the summer. Happy Thursday, BGG!

  6. I’m locked up. The layers I had cut in my hair when I was permed are now very visible – my shortest locs are cheek length, the longest are grazing my shoulders. I’ll probably put some adornment in my hair this spring and summer. I’ve been thinking about a henna rinse, but can’t seem to make up my mind.

  7. I wear my hair short. I normally cut then let it all grow back then cut it again. By doing that, I’ll pretty much always have something different going on. I have no problem doing anything drastic to my hair. After all it is just hair and it will grow back. I’ve been contemplating going natural and getting locs for a while now, but my husband isn’t going for it.

  8. I forgot to add that maybe twice a year I do step outside of my comfort zone and do two-strand twists for a high volume curly, twisty look that my husband LOVES. He begs me all the time to wear my hair like that, but I can only manage to do it bi-annually! lol

  9. I have natural hair. Right now, I’m wearing it braided. I am thinking about doing something new and funky for the spring, but I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I don’t have a lot of choices for some reason. It would be great if you posted some more ideas on hair styles. Thanks.

  10. kitty vodka says:

    i might bring the highlights back….watch out !!!!!

  11. I wear my hair natural…usually in a pulled back ‘fro for work and a full on ‘Angela Davis’ afro when I’m at social events.

  12. I am another natural head who currently is rocking an interlocked straight look while I hide my hair until the end of the month. When it is not in hiding, I normally rock two-strand twists or my absolute favorite… twist outs!! I love the volume they give. I also will rock a WAG (wash and go) and using some Kinky Curly Curling Custard which helps to moisturize and define my curls. I love the versatility and uniqueness of natural hair!!!

  13. I wear my hair natural. Not too nappy, not curly ringlets either, I’ll call it coily. I straighten it like once a year.

    I love Rihanna’s ever-changing hair and Victoria Beckham. They both keep the paparazzi guessing. I want a short funky cut with straightened hair, but I can’t make up my mind what I want AND I can’t deal with Chicago humidity, so I might just wear it in a curly bob all summer.

    We shall see.

  14. BGG, funny that you should ask! I have a hair appt tonight. My hair is relaxed and like you, I keep it simple. It’s either bone straight and pulled behind my ears or pulled back in a sleek and professional bun. When I want to look a little wild I do the twists and let it fly. Last summer I tried dying my hair..big mistake! To make a long story short, I’m buying hair today while my tresses recover from that dying foolishness! Everything aint for everybody…lesson learned!

  15. I have a just for me relaxer. My hair is natually curly so I it loosens it up a bit..I just wear it curly when its not done by my stylist…I was thinking of going short like melinda williams…i went from rihanna to shorter…to ?????

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just like you, I keep my do simple — it is usually straight down, in a bun, or the half up -half down look. However, I am considering cutting my hair similar to Taraji Hensons for the summer. I’m thinking its not a far departure from what I have already but still cute and stylish.

  17. mimieyes says:

    I love my hair and being straight, I don’t do much with it.
    I wish I had sophisticated hair that can be put up but when I do it never stays up for too long.

  18. Royal in DC says:

    a cropped bob that is growing out, not gonna let it grow too long tho…and I wear and have worn a wide vareity of styles and cuts over the years…right now I do mostly wet sets and pin ups, seldom wear it just flat ironed or straight, I work out alot and it falls rather nicely wet set, and or roller wrapped. I like a sexy tousled untamed look and I was blessed with the volume to do that quite vicously LOL…might try some buns and ponytails for summer

  19. I wear my hair mostly in braidouts and buns. I love the fullness and curls of braidouts!

  20. My hair is similar to Taraji’s. I just cut it into a bob, but I’m growing my hair out so I get it pressed every other week (I did a big chop a few years ago and didn’t want to do that again in my quest to return to my natural state). I’m thinking about going as short as Rihanna’s.

  21. Right now, I my hair looks like that of a starving artist.. LOL.
    Jokin’… it’s just bushy and I haven’t worn that clean cut in a while. Needed my hair for the winter insulation.

  22. relaxed, shoulder length – but im thinking of cutting my hair like either taraji or j. hud , you know the chin length bob w/ bangs

  23. I like my hair short and curly. I’m a fan of keeping it natural!

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