The Trusted Remedy When Mom’s TLC Doesn’t Work

First it’s a sneeze, then a cough and finally once you get out the thermometer, you realize your little one is coming down with a cold—or even worse, the flu.

As a mom, especially the first time around, seeing your baby sick is the worst. You feel helpless because you’re unable to magically make them feel better. Our kisses and hugs are comforting, but unfortunately they aren’t the antidote to making them well. Thankfully, there are plenty of over-the-counter medicine to help us moms out.

Little Remedies® is a brand that I’ve sworn by since my daughter experienced her first bout with congestion. Founded by a father and a pharmacist, I trust that their products will provide gentle, yet effective relief for my children.

Their all-natural Stuffy Nose Kit was a godsend when she could barely breathe out her cute, button nose. The saline drops were easy to administer and the aspirator was simple and didn’t seem to cause her any discomfort. Plus, I didn’t have to worry about any harmful side effects due to its non-medicated formula.


Little Remedies Stuffy Nose Kit available here, $5.50

Since then, I’ve used Little Remedies® throughout the years on both of my kids. From stuffy noses to gassy tummies to mild fevers, the all-natural brand has been my go-to for those not-so-good days.

My son at the doctor's office earlier this year after suffering from an ear infection.

My son at the doctor’s office earlier this year after suffering from an ear infection.

In addition to their line of medicines, the company has recently released A Little More Wisdom, a parenting resource for caring for your baby’s health and wellness from day one. The book is a easy-to-read, comprehensive guide that outlines and simplifies commons questions that all moms have like “How can I soothe my baby?” “What are some tips for that first airplane ride?” and of course, “How can I get my baby to sleep through the night?”

As a mom of two, I still get nervous and a bit out of sorts when one of my kids gets sick. Luckily, I know there are brands like Little Remedies® that will help ease my fears and get them back up and running in no time.

What’s some of your little remedies for when your child gets sick? 

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